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Downloads » GTR2 Race Cars 312 Files
Ferrari F430 LeMans Mod v1.0
incl. physic patch (see below) Avertissement: Ce Mod provient en totalité du F430 LM v1.0 créé Rob Cooknl pour rFactor et convertie pour GTR2 par sid93. L'autorisation a été demandée à l'auteur original, et aucune réponse à été donné. To...
Size 48,4 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 7525
[Details] [Download]
Clio V6 Mod v1.0
Avertissement: Ce Mod provient en totalité du Clio créé par Brazil Developments MOD TEAM pour rFactor et convertie pour GTR2 par sid93. L'autorisation a été demandée à l'auteur original, et aucune réponse à été donné. Tous les tests ont été...
Size 32,4 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,78
Downloads 6743
[Details] [Download]
Porsche Old Style Mod v1.5
Old School Porsche 993's v1.5 Note : Delete all the old style porsches if you have downloaded the first versions. You can find them in: GTR2\GameData\Teams\GT\Porsche 993 GT2 Teams with the foldernames Old style### Then: Unrar and ...
Size 16,3 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 9,67
Downloads 1506
[Details] [Download]
FA Porsche Cup Mod v1.0
This is a free Mod for GTR² by Simbin. Use it at your own risk. To install "FAPCup" you will need approximately 170MB of free disk space. Installation: Extract the Files to your Main GTR² Directory or Point the self extraction Path search to...
Size 69,6 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 2551
[Details] [Download]
Australian Carrera Cup 1999 v1.0
Install : To install Extract to desktop, then cut 'n' paste into your gtr2 main folder & let it overwrite or extract to GTR2/Gamedata/Teams/24hr/Porsche 996 Cup Teams. These cars are a originally from Australian Carrera Cup Mod for GTR. ...
Size 51,7 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1662
[Details] [Download]
TVR F1 2006 Challenge v1.1
Fixes in 1.1 : - Cockpit Hires update, Opponent Detail Fix (CTD fix), Smaller Package Size Thankyou for downloading the F1 2006 TVR Challenge by Catman. This mod includes 22 cars, 19 of which are skinned based on cars took part in the FIA F...
Size 70,6 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1347
[Details] [Download]
MoTeC MoD v1.0
Motec-MoD for GTR2 by 111Speedmaster (info addons & extra .car files by =SiGi=) [deutsch] Diese Modifikation ermöglicht bei folgenden Fahrzeugen ein volles MoTeC Display im Cockpit (was ja bekanntlich normalerweiße nicht funktioniert) : ...
Size 6,6 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 1650
[Details] [Download]
CRGC 2007 Mod v1.1
CRGC GT07 Mod v1.1 by Arnold Wong / WSGT Team C-Race GTR2 Championship 2007 incl. Lister Storm Team and McLaren F1 Longtail final source...
Size 99,9 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 4410
[Details] [Download]
Aston Martin DBR-9 Mod v1.1
Avertissement: - Ce Mod provient en totalité du Mod ASTON MARTIN DBR9 créé par EdOg et Exbird pour GTR et convertie pour GTR2 par sid93 . L'autorisation a été demandé à l'auteur original, et aucune réponse à été donné. Modèles: -2 ALMS ...
Size 50,3 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 6,33
Downloads 3622
[Details] [Download]
Moatl's Speed Challenge v1.0
Ok, folks, finally we got the mod finished! I wish you a lot of fun with it, your starting grid will be very colorful for sure. (Release: 27.03.2007) by moatlspeed & LOWNDES888 INSTALLATION: Copy the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-d...
Size 57,5 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,75
Downloads 1806
[Details] [Download]
Helmet inside view pack
Helmet inside view pack by drw, rip & paldrive, includes : - Helmet inside view v1.3 by drw - alternative visor for DRWs Helmet Mod v1.3 by rip - alternative visor for DRWs helmet mod v1.0 by paldrive - open face motechud dds-file for DRWs helm...
Size 5,8 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1734
[Details] [Download]
WSGT Mod CE v1.0
World Super GT (WSGT) Mod Christmas Edition v1.0 incl. McLaren F1 GTR Longtail Sounds by Jon Hillenbrand Merry Christmas! Here is the "Christmas Edition" of the World Super GT Mod. It is exactly a demo version of our full release in January. ...
Size 33,7 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 8296
[Details] [Download]
Nissan Micra Cup v1.1
This MOD comes entirely from the MOD Nissan Micra created by Fiz-Project for F1C and converted for GTR and GTR2 by sid93. The authorizations could beings requested from the original author, and were granted. Models: This MOD contains 40 Nis...
Size 44,0 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 4751
[Details] [Download]
GTR4WD Turbo Charger Challenge v1.0
includes cars : BMWGTR M3 Ti Corvette C5 RT Ferrari 575 GTO Lamborghini GTS Lister RS Maserati MC12-T Saleen S7R-T Teams : All cars model have 3 teams with 3 cars, 42 total cars. - All cars 4 Wheels Drive and Turbo Charger - ...
Size 133,0 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 2689
[Details] [Download]
Ferrari 360 Novitec v1.0
Ferrari 360 Novitec Team cars by Quattro20V & Böhmer-ZX Features : - new sounds - new engine - copilots - 9 different cars Installation: copy the "GameData" folder into our GTR 2 Directory and paste it there (overwrite the existing G...
Size 33,6 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 1315
[Details] [Download]
BMW M3 V12 LMR Experimental Prototypes v2.1
also included : * McLaren F1 Longtail Sounds by Jon Hillenbrand RSM Performance Engineering BMW M3 V12 LMR Experimental Prototypes V2.1 Under the hoods of these M3s work two 6,1L V12 engines of the type BMW S70/2 GTR LM // S70/3 GTR. Norma...
Size 20,2 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,86
Downloads 1534
[Details] [Download]
Seat Toledo V12 Mod v1.2
demo, track is Imola 1994 : Fiktive Seat V12 Spass-Rennserie der LN ( - Eigene Rennserie unabhängig von normalen Seat. - 14 Cars einheitlich beklebt in Rennserie. - Neue V12 Sounds - 2 diverse Championships * - Talent Modifik...
Size 27,5 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 2903
[Details] [Download]
MMM V8 Supercars 2006 v1.0
Credits : MMMV8SC : MR_INGALL Physics : MR_JayfORCe Beta Testers : MR_Geesuss,Liftalot,Fatcity,Mutant101,Muze,Palla,Mentasm,AUS_Prodgers Brocky05,Valentino Crossi,TC,Radrick,FIG_JAM,GT_Virus,Shaun features.. - full 2006 v8 grid ...
Size 46,5 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,76
Downloads 3250
[Details] [Download]
Pages [18] : « back 1516 17 18more » 312 Files

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