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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 548 Files
A1-Ring 2001 v2.7
A while ago, derDumeklemmer released this track for GTL. It is based on the older GTR2 version by Dutch Devil. Since it looks a lot better throught the new multi-mapping and transitions, I asked permission to reverse this version to GTR2. I ju...
Size 18,5 MB
Date 23.07.2015
Downloads 1469
[Details] [Download]
A1-Ring v2.0
incl. mountain texture update by fred_@as About the track : The A-1 Ring is an updated and re-designed version of the famous Österreichring. Located in the green uplands of the province of Styria, a triangular area of Austria, bounded by t...
Size 27,0 MB
Date 19.05.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 4717
[Details] [Download]
Abu Dhabi 2009 v0.9
inclusive updates : - new cams v1.0 by Luigi - TARMAC textures v1.1 by zkarz The real track: Although Dubai has an FIA approved race track, Bernie decided more money could be made with a new track in Abu Dhabi.. hence this new circuit :) ...
Size 18,8 MB
Date 01.10.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 2751
[Details] [Download]
Abu Dhabi GP 2011 v1.0
Abu Dhabi GP 2011 / Yas Marina Bay for GTR2 Version : 1.0 CREDITS : david.hoffmann khan1670 Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the Trackfolder "YasMarina2011" into your GTR2 Locations directory - done. Terms of Use : ...
Size 111,0 MB
Date 28.11.2014
Rating 10,00
Downloads 1887
[Details] [Download]
Abuj v1.0
Abuj Nigerian National Circuit for GTR2 This beautiful track was converted to GTR Evo and GTR2 by LaChub Thank Edobot for permission. Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\...dir...
Size 26,2 MB
Date 13.10.2016
Downloads 306
[Details] [Download]
ADAC GT Masters 2012 Trackpack v1.0
Trackpack for the ADAC GT Masters 2012 Mod by PATR10T arranged and updated by ilu2404 This Tracks are required if you want to race the complete ADAC GT Masters Championship 2012. Content : - GTM Hockenheimring - GTM Lausitzring - GTM Nü...
Size 273,8 MB
Date 08.01.2017
Downloads 849
[Details] [Download]
Adelaide IR 2005 v1.2
The real track: Adelaide International Raceway is a permanent circuit owned by Australian Motorsport Club Limited under the auspices of the Bob Jane Corporation. It is located in the Port Wakefield Road, Virginia, Adelaide, South Australia, ne...
Size 24,7 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 6,50
Downloads 982
[Details] [Download]
Adria v1.2
Adria International Raceway Conversion by CodeF1 with permission from the original creator Zero-G. About the track: The Adria International Raceway, between Padua and Venice in Italy, boasts a paddock which is completely under cover, th...
Size 14,1 MB
Date 16.05.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1890
[Details] [Download]
Ahvenisto v2.1
Date: 2008/09/18 Author: Kimmo Kokkonen e-Mail: NOTE: if you have older version of Ahvenisto GTR2 track installed, you should at first remove it. You also should remove old AhvenistoFULL.hat or/and AhvenistoLT.hat file ...
Size 25,4 MB
Date 05.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1191
[Details] [Download]
Aintree v3.0
Home of the British Grand Prix for 5 years,1955,57,59,61 and 62 and of course many other great events have been held there, and to a small degree still are held there. This is a GPL conversion to GTR2, originally created by BIAS, and a fantas...
Size 20,0 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 980
[Details] [Download]
Alastaro Circuit v2.0
Converted from GPL to GTL and GTR2 by Creator Kimmo Kokkonen (Note! GPL track never released) Date: 2008/10/05 Author: Kimmo Kokkonen e-Mail: Installation NOTE: if you have older version of Alastaro GTR2 track in...
Size 14,6 MB
Date 05.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 941
[Details] [Download]
Albacete 2005 v1.21
rFactor version made by Alfredo Martinez. The Albacete track is a Spanish track used mainly for Motorcycles and truck racing. Website of the real track ADDED TO THE GR2 VERSION: - optimisation of meshes in 3DMAX - rainreflections, - an...
Size 13,2 MB
Date 09.08.2012
Rating 7,00
Downloads 929
[Details] [Download]
Albi 1967 v3.0
Original circuit Alain Bosco GPL (Grand Prix Legends) Conversion, modification & improvement graph by Neel Jani. I thank Alain Bosco for authorizations. Details : The realization of this new version is made from new photographs that I could f...
Size 68,9 MB
Date 22.10.2012
Rating 7,33
Downloads 1499
[Details] [Download]
Albi 2006 v2.2
Originine circuit for SCGT Porsche Guy Conversion, change is improvement by Neel Jani & graphic Boblebric. Information for this new version : - Fixed-party land - Construction (3D) missing infrastructure Restaurant, the newest building in the...
Size 84,1 MB
Date 12.11.2012
Rating 6,50
Downloads 1371
[Details] [Download]
Aldo Scribante v1.0
Aldo Scribante Port Elizabeth, South Africa for GTR2 GTR2 Conversion by jaapjanjoost This is a conversion from the rFactor 1 track which in its turn is a conversion from the original GPL track. Length 2.48 km Features : - rain reflec...
Size 20,0 MB
Date 01.11.2016
Downloads 290
[Details] [Download]
Ales v3.1
Circuit du Pole Mécanique d'Ales for GTR2 created by Sissou Bonjour a tous, circuit du pole mécanique d'Ales Situé dans le Gard région des cévennes. Version utilisé de BobsTrackBuilder v0.803 pits pour 22 voitures - version GTR2 install...
Size 49,8 MB
Date 10.01.2015
Downloads 788
[Details] [Download]
Algarve v1.2
Autodromo Internacional Algarve //----------------------------------------------\\ Autodromo Internacional Algarve, converted from rFactor with permission from the original creator of this great track, nFerraz !!! You can find the original...
Size 50,7 MB
Date 15.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 2783
[Details] [Download]
AllStar Greenway v1.1
Created by barcika / 2010 AIW fix / update v1.1 by FrankyBB : - Boxenanlage korrekt auf 36 Cars eingestellt / corrected pit to 36 cars - Startgrid auf 36 Cars / set start-grid to 36 cars - Safety Car / added safety-car - Benzinvorausrechnung...
Size 12,4 MB
Date 01.10.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 540
[Details] [Download]
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