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Downloads » GTR2 Skins 22 Files
eSR Clio RS4 Cup Addon Carpack
8 new Addon Teams for the eSR Clio RS4 Cup for GTR2 added / created by jcmacedo I had theese cars for a while and i`ve decided to share them. The major where painted by me but not all. A few were worked and improved by me to look better. I do...
Size 26,6 MB
Date 25.07.2015
Downloads 319
[Details] [Download]
A1 GP Mod Season 2006-07 Skinpack v1.0
created by Matt Power Racing Addon Skinpack for the A1 GP Season 2005 Mod v2.0 Greetings, Thank you for downloading. This skin set represent the 2006/2007 or "Second Season" of the A1 Grand Prix series. I initialy put this skin set toge...
Size 9,0 MB
Date 02.01.2015
Rating 6,00
Downloads 257
[Details] [Download]
BMW E30 Evo Monster Addon Skinpack
created by Vatersbester Hallo guys, here my 13 fictional Teams for the “BMW E30 Evo Monster v1.1” for you. The skins are not historical – I made them just for fun! - pldesign Racing - BMW-Szene - Würth Racing - Hamann Motorsport - BelR...
Size 11,1 MB
Date 29.01.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 340
[Details] [Download]
Champcar Lola High-Resolution Textures
High Resolution Texture-update for the Champcar Lola 2005-2006 Mod by RMi...
Size 219,0 MB
Date 21.10.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 927
[Details] [Download]
HD gloves & suits v2.0
HD gloves & suits detailed infos here Description: HD gloves & suits v2.0 brings you Alpinestars TECH 1-Z and TECH 1-ZX gloves as well as Momo Pro Racer Club gloves. From v1.0 also remain Alpinestars GP Pro suit and Alpinestars TECH 1-...
Size 53,7 MB
Date 10.09.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 2446
[Details] [Download]
F3000 Challenge 2002 F1 Addon Teams v1.1
F3000 - F1 Challenge Pack for GTR2 Version 1.1 by YTANGUY (Read the Read me please !) You need to have the F3000 mod converted from RACE07 to GTR2 by GTI-Heizer before instal this pack ! You can find the mod here : here or ...
Size 66,2 MB
Date 17.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 2907
[Details] [Download]
BMW E92 GT2 Challenge 2010 Addon Teams
3 new Addon-Teams for LE DUC2'S BMW E92 GT2 Challenge 2010 Skins: - all made by le duc2 (2-car) Teams: - BenQ - Fuchs - Mc Gregor Mod: - Original "BMW E92 GT2" mod for GTR2 by: scca1981 - Mod & template update by: Merlin75 - Ori...
Size 5,6 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 8,67
Downloads 773
[Details] [Download]
eSR BMW M3 McLaren V12 Addon Teams
Add-on skins for the eSR BMW M3 McLaren V12 Cup created by ---jackyold--- includes 7 fresh painted teams : * 003 HB * 012 Coca Cola Lois * 030 Jim Beam * 039 Martini * 055 Nitro * 091 West * 093 Vodafone D2 Install : extract with...
Size 9,6 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 770
[Details] [Download]
Porsche GT3 Safety Car v1.0
Porsche 997 GT3 Safety Car by GSMF converted to GTR2 by Indiana Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overwritte with "YES ALL" - done. note : the default safety ca...
Size 2,9 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 777
[Details] [Download]
Audi R8 GT3 Team Phoenix
skins created by Bulldog13 rims by =SiGi= Info : "Audi Sport confirmed that a Audi R8 GT3 run by team Phoenix will compete in the Belgian GT 2009. It will probably not run all races, but only a part of the championship. The car will be pil...
Size 7,5 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 707
[Details] [Download]
Audi R8 GT3 LMS Red Bull Skins
Install : Ihr braucht den Audi R8 GT3 Mod von Bulldog13, zu finden auf : Mit WinRAR etc. entpacken und den GameData Ordner in das GTR2 Hauptverzeichnis (z.b. X:\GTR2) einfügen (überschreiben...
Size 5,0 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 763
[Details] [Download]
High Quality Alpinestars Suits
High quality Alpinestars gear v1.0 for GTR2 by BariCZ see here new version / update here what's that ? high quality driver suits from the WSGT Mod now available for the most cars Includes: - Alpinestars TECH 1-ZX black gloves - Alpinesta...
Size 47,8 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 1679
[Details] [Download]
Mercedes SL Safety Car
this file replace the original Maserati Safety Car with a Mercedes SL skin Install : copy the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory and allow to overwrite excisted one when asked - done. it is not allowed to modify or publish t...
Size 3,4 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 8,33
Downloads 1700
[Details] [Download]
DeTomaso Pantera Addon skins
Addon-skins for the DeTomaso Pantera Cup by Delgado this package adds 9 extra skins to the DeTomaso Pantera Cup Install : drop the GameData folder to your GTR2 main-directory and allow to overwrite when asked...
Size 21,2 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 688
[Details] [Download]
BMW 1 GSC Challenge Skinpack
note : this is an update / skinpack only - you need to have installed the BMW 1 GSC Challenge large screens can be found on author-side This is a pack of 20 superb skins made by Alex Koda for the BMW 1 Series mod originally for rFactor c...
Size 6,3 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 998
[Details] [Download]
Audi Sportwagen Mod R8 addon-skins
beinhaltet / includes : * 8 new Audi R8GT Teams / skins Install : Audi Sportwagen Mod v1.0 is required for this update ! drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overwrite - done...
Size 25,7 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 846
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Chip Ganassi Racing
Standalone Car for GTR2 Installation : Put the "Chip Ganassi Racing" Folder in your "....GTR2\GameData\Teams\NGT\Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Teams" folder Kopiert den "Chip Ganassi Racing" Ordner nach : "....GTR2\GameData\Teams\NGT\Porsche 996 G...
Size 3,6 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 423
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Racers Group LM04
The Racers's Group LeMans 2004 Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Installation : just copy the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory and overwrite when asked (no original files will be overwriten - standalone car)...
Size 5,3 MB
Date 16.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 659
[Details] [Download]
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