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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 46 Files
Alpental v1.0
Alpental for GTR2 CREDITS : Track made by EA for SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED GTR2 Conversion by senormen Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\ - done. Terms of Use : ...
Size 29,1 MB
Date 10.11.2017
Downloads 345
[Details] [Download]
Apricot Hill v1.0
Apricot Hill fix for GTR2 v1.00 by BenMK1 this is the version you found on F1classic (from Ville) updates : • AIW: Groove, PaceCar, TimeTrial, small corrction AI DryLine in Chicane My tutorial to fix TimeTrial:
Size 27,9 MB
Date 12.03.2017
Downloads 447
[Details] [Download]
ADAC GT Masters 2012 Trackpack v1.0
Trackpack for the ADAC GT Masters 2012 Mod by PATR10T arranged and updated by ilu2404 This Tracks are required if you want to race the complete ADAC GT Masters Championship 2012. Content : - GTM Hockenheimring - GTM Lausitzring - GTM Nü...
Size 273,8 MB
Date 08.01.2017
Downloads 905
[Details] [Download]
Anneau du Rhin 2016 v1.0
Track "from scratch" for GTR2 We would like to thank: -Mr François Rinaldi, real track CEO. On his demand, and with his help, we were able to realize a very detailed and realistic copy of the real track. -his whole team, for its welcome an...
Size 205,6 MB
Date 01.11.2016
Downloads 381
[Details] [Download]
Aldo Scribante v1.0
Aldo Scribante Port Elizabeth, South Africa for GTR2 GTR2 Conversion by jaapjanjoost This is a conversion from the rFactor 1 track which in its turn is a conversion from the original GPL track. Length 2.48 km Features : - rain reflec...
Size 20,0 MB
Date 01.11.2016
Downloads 299
[Details] [Download]
Autopolis 2009 v1.1
Autopolis 2009 for GTR2 CREDITS Original Track from NFS Shift by EA-Games GTR2 Conversion by senormen Edited by ZWISS (Many objects deleted and tuned materials and textures) Install : Extract with WinRAR or else and drop the Trackfolder...
Size 40,9 MB
Date 17.10.2016
Downloads 483
[Details] [Download]
Astana v1.01
This beautiful track was converted to GTR Evo and GTR2 by LaChub (Alex Laush) Thank Edobot (Edoardo Bottin) for permission. Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\ - done...
Size 38,8 MB
Date 13.10.2016
Downloads 352
[Details] [Download]
Abuj v1.0
Abuj Nigerian National Circuit for GTR2 This beautiful track was converted to GTR Evo and GTR2 by LaChub Thank Edobot for permission. Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\...dir...
Size 26,2 MB
Date 13.10.2016
Downloads 317
[Details] [Download]
Anderstorp STCC 2007 v1.0
Credits : Original Track created by SimBin for STCC - The Game GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found on f1classic, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warranty on correctness. Install : extract with WinRAR or ...
Size 85,4 MB
Date 29.08.2015
Downloads 602
[Details] [Download]
A1-Ring 2001 v2.7
A while ago, derDumeklemmer released this track for GTL. It is based on the older GTR2 version by Dutch Devil. Since it looks a lot better throught the new multi-mapping and transitions, I asked permission to reverse this version to GTR2. I ju...
Size 18,5 MB
Date 23.07.2015
Downloads 1492
[Details] [Download]
Ales v3.1
Circuit du Pole Mécanique d'Ales for GTR2 created by Sissou Bonjour a tous, circuit du pole mécanique d'Ales Situé dans le Gard région des cévennes. Version utilisé de BobsTrackBuilder v0.803 pits pour 22 voitures - version GTR2 install...
Size 49,8 MB
Date 10.01.2015
Downloads 792
[Details] [Download]
Autodromo Penuelas v1.0
Credits : Original author for Rfactor : Relesys Conversion, modification and graphics improvements Neel Jani Thank Relesys who has kindly given me permission to convert its circuit version of Rfactor worm platforms SimBin (GTR2, GTL, Race0...
Size 53,7 MB
Date 16.12.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 927
[Details] [Download]
Anderstorp 1975 v1.0
created by motorfx (ken) This is another for the 75 series, I made this for GSC2013. not with a view of putting it in other formats. with the exception of borrowing a few track side objects from earlier tracks and a cam file, its new work... ...
Size 30,5 MB
Date 10.12.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 487
[Details] [Download]
Abu Dhabi GP 2011 v1.0
Abu Dhabi GP 2011 / Yas Marina Bay for GTR2 Version : 1.0 CREDITS : david.hoffmann khan1670 Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the Trackfolder "YasMarina2011" into your GTR2 Locations directory - done. Terms of Use : ...
Size 111,0 MB
Date 28.11.2014
Rating 10,00
Downloads 1921
[Details] [Download]
Assen TT SBKX v1.1
Credits : Converted from Black Bean Games SBKX to GTR2 by senormen - Maximal visibility of racing line in braking zones - AIW Rapair 1.0 by dhaman - GTR2 LOD style and trackmaps by die_Locke & FrankyBB v1.1 (updates by Team PBB) : - aiw...
Size 30,8 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 818
[Details] [Download]
Arcorin Hills v1.02
last update : 29.09.2013 2,77 Km / 1.717 miles racetrack by Franky Hi! Here is my latest track creation. Arcorin Hills (fictional) for GTR2 builded with BTB Evo. Now I have used only dds files and the risult of quality is real better as my ...
Size 43,0 MB
Date 02.10.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 678
[Details] [Download]
Anneau du Rhin 2010 v1.1
Track from scratch build by Boblebric and Neel Jani First of all, I would like to thank my friend Neel Jani, who accepts to be a partner in this job. Without him, this track would not exist ! The improvements are the following ones with regar...
Size 77,2 MB
Date 02.10.2013
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1390
[Details] [Download]
Atrevido v2.0
by Junior Mikey & khan1670 (F1-Classics) This fantasy track is made from scratch Working Safety car and Rain reflections on Racetrack. Credits: Bob's Track Builder by Brendon Pywell 3Dcrowds by carTOON Assorted Track Objects by Jimlaad4...
Size 47,6 MB
Date 15.07.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 575
[Details] [Download]
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    Autor : seiran
    Thread : tom's engine shop for gtr2
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    Autor : =SiGi=
    Thread : tom's engine shop for gtr2
    (8.6.18 - 00:37 Uhr)

    tom's engine shop for gtr2
    Autor : seiran
    Thread : tom's engine shop for gtr2
    (6.6.18 - 14:07 Uhr)

    Track name ?
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    Thread : eSR Classic Trophy 2014
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    Imagem do Espelho Interno Invertida
    Autor : rafaellolicati
    Thread : Imagem do Espelho Interno Invertida
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    Autor : Graah
    Thread : Can't download anything!!!
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    downloads from ad-fly
    Autor : SasquatchHunter
    Thread : downloads from ad-fly
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    Thread : Permissions
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    Cars not showing
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    Problema em Campeonato Offline
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    Thread : Problema em Campeonato Offline
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    Problema em Campeonato offline
    Autor : rafaellolicati
    Thread : Problema em Campeonato offline
    (18.5.17 - 04:29 Uhr)

    Rear left brakelight
    Autor : Petrusik
    Thread : Rear left brakelight
    (11.5.17 - 20:47 Uhr)

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    Beco1 Infos einsehen
    Can somebody or maker RacerM himself pls rework the road inside the tunnel of Monaco 2011 for GTR 2!? The track is superb, even awesome, but the bumpy tunnel is very annoying! Thank you!
    djinfect Infos einsehen
    Jupp leider is eigentlich schade die Events hier haben mich zum simracing erst gebracht
    Broche Infos einsehen
    warum ist hier nix mehr los ? wall
    Thorsten Tewes Infos einsehen
    PC2 ist doch kacke. RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) musst du fahren.
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    laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
    [eSR]JOOE Infos einsehen
    mir ist LANGWEILIG wall macht euch alle mal PC2 drauf und lasst uns wieder racen laugh
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    Frohes Neues da mal gewünscht . Cool Bravo
    NitroJoe47 Infos einsehen
    Frohes Neues!! wink

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