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Bovenkerk GP Course v1.0
Bovenkerk Grand Prix Course for GTR2 created by Frans Rosenberg Track-Infos : This is a fictive GP circuit in the streets of Bovenkerk, my home village, located just 10km underneath Amsterdam Holland. I made the way it looked in the 1980...
Size 62,4 MB
Date 16.06.2018
Downloads 404
[Details] [Download]
Blackstone IC v1.0
CREDITS : Original author for Rfactor : Stefan Nikolov Conversion & enhancement for GTR2 by Neel Jani I thank Stefan Nikolov, who allowed the conversion of his super circuit, to the other games and provided the city in credit, as original au...
Size 76,2 MB
Date 02.06.2018
Downloads 224
[Details] [Download]
Baku 2016 v0.9
CREDITS : GTL Conversion by : philrob GTR2 Conversion by Azagthoth I thank philrob who kindly gave me the permission for the conversion of its GTL version to platforms GTR2 & Race07. Conversion & improvements : Creation, image loading ...
Size 133,3 MB
Date 02.06.2018
Downloads 344
[Details] [Download]
Bovenkerk Road Course v3.0
Bovenkerk Road Course for GTR2 created by Frans Rosenberg Track Infos : This fictive circuit Bovenkerk, my home village, located just 10km underneath Amsterdam/Holland. (with the right AIW and Gbd now). This is the 3.0 update of the fict...
Size 59,4 MB
Date 20.05.2018
Downloads 458
[Details] [Download]
Bergrennen Walzenhausen 1986 v1.1
Hist. Bergsprint Walzenhausen 1986 - Lachen / Schweiz for GTR2 Conversion by renntom Daten (Stand 2011) Das Bergrennen Walzenhausen ist ein sehr traditionsreiches Bergrennen der Schweiz. Ursprünglich (1910-1954) führte das Rennen von Rheinec...
Size 88,9 MB
Date 10.11.2017
Downloads 271
[Details] [Download]
Bathurst Mount Panorama 1967 v1.1
This is a conversion of the great GPL track, by Chris Kelly, Chris gave permission to convert this back in July 06 but it never happened.So here is my version of Mt Panorama sometime in the late 60's early 70's. I have changed most textures...
Size 18,7 MB
Date 29.03.2017
Downloads 2144
[Details] [Download]
BSCC 2012 / 2015 Mod v1.01
Brazilian Stock Car Championship 2012 / 2015 for GTR2 GTR2 Conversion by Merlin75 This is my conversion of Reiza Studio's Game Stockcar. All credits go to Reiza Studios for these nice cars. Have fun! -----------------------------------...
Size 273,1 MB
Date 26.02.2017
Downloads 2249
[Details] [Download]
BMW M3 E46 Challenge v1.01
BMW M3 E46 Challenge for GTR2 CREDITS : Mod created by aleksss Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overwrite existing one with "YES ALL" - done. Terms of Use : ...
Size 16,3 MB
Date 03.02.2017
Downloads 496
[Details] [Download]
Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 Trackpack v1.0
Trackpack for the Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 Mod by PATR10T arranged and updated by ilu2404 This Tracks are required if you want to race the complete Blancpain Endurance Series Championship 2012. Content : - BES Monza - BES Navarra ...
Size 353,0 MB
Date 15.01.2017
Downloads 1074
[Details] [Download]
Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 v1.2
updated Version - read below Download BES 2012 Trackpack Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 for GTR2 created by PATR10T includes all teams and cars for a complete 2012 blancpain endurance season v1.1 - reworked car files, 2nd car entrie...
Size 192,7 MB
Date 15.01.2017
Downloads 7333
[Details] [Download]
Bergpreis Göstling-Hochkar 2010 v1.1
Hillclimb / Bergpreis Göstling-Hochkar 2010 for GTR2 created by renntom Änderungen V1.1: - zusätzliche LOD's (Ladebildschirme) für die Verwendung im Power & Glory 3 Mod - rain-reflection, Spiegelungen auf regennasser Fahrbahn Daten (Stand ...
Size 124,9 MB
Date 13.01.2017
Downloads 321
[Details] [Download]
Bollenbachtal 2012 v1.0
Edelstein Bergslalom des MSC-Bollenbachtal e.V. im NAVC um den Waeco Pokal Daten (Stand 2012) Die Strecke ist Teil der Kreisstraße 23 nach Wickenrodt. Sie ist ca. 1.500 Meter lang und überwindet einen Höhenunterschied von 91 Metern damit lieg...
Size 35,6 MB
Date 19.12.2016
Downloads 303
[Details] [Download]
BMW M6 Design 2010 v1.1
BMW M6 Design 2010 for GTR2 CREDITS : Mod created by Ron123 / TrackaHolics Model by MS Forza Genstring option for normal / race front splitter. You should have know I wouldn't let the M5 out with his brother. Install : extract with W...
Size 17,9 MB
Date 14.12.2016
Downloads 425
[Details] [Download]
Bergrennen Unterfranken v0.3
Bergrennen Unterfranken for GTR2 Danke an / Thanks to : Alle Beta-Tester RMB-Racetec, Houfi, xoa, renntom Brendon Pywell (Bob ́s Track Builder) Haftungsausschluss : Es wird keine Haftung übernommen für direkte oder mittelbar entstehende...
Size 116,1 MB
Date 14.12.2016
Downloads 344
[Details] [Download]
BMW M3 CSL 2005 v1.1
BMW M3 CSL 2005 for GTR2 CREDITS : Mod & Skins created by Ron123 / TrackaHolics Model by MS Forza Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overwrite existing one with "Y...
Size 22,7 MB
Date 12.12.2016
Downloads 292
[Details] [Download]
Bryce Canyon v0.9
Bryce Canyon for GTR2 GTR2 Conversion by Rickoshea Bryce Canyon is a fictional track but it may be the best looking one in GTR2 Set in Bryce Canyon National Park, a sprawling reserve in southern Utah the track looks fantastic with huge elev...
Size 94,6 MB
Date 25.11.2016
Downloads 438
[Details] [Download]
Borough Green Raceway 2016 v1.0
Borough Green Raceway 2016 for GTR2 Created by Dingo-j GT Course with chicane only. The other layouts will follow as small updates. DETAILS : Borough Green Raceway is a fictional permanent racetrack located in Boro...
Size 172,2 MB
Date 20.11.2016
Downloads 365
[Details] [Download]
Bentley Continental GT Speed 2013 v1.0
Veröffentlichung Bentley Continental GT Speed 2013 Mod V1.0 für GTR2. Fertigstellung 20.10.2014 Die Original Autoren meines Bentley Continental GT Speed, sind Electronic Arts (EA), aus dem Mobile Racing Game Real Racing 3. Die RR3 Files habe i...
Size 37,6 MB
Date 20.11.2016
Downloads 426
[Details] [Download]
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    i 'm working on a completely new, up-to-date eSR website - that is very time consuming, so i will add less files in the next time, but then there will be a lot of new things, maybe also for other racing sims, stay tuned Cool
    Beco1 Infos einsehen
    Can somebody or maker RacerM himself pls rework the road inside the tunnel of Monaco 2011 for GTR 2!? The track is superb, even awesome, but the bumpy tunnel is very annoying! Thank you!
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    Jupp leider is eigentlich schade die Events hier haben mich zum simracing erst gebracht
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