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Downloads » GTR2 Race Cars 15 Files
Corvette Meeting Mod v1.2
change-log : Version 1.2 - 22.09.2014 : New: - Heavily reworked physics (especially for race cars) * including completely new physics for DRM ZR1. Made with help of Doug Rippie Motorsports! - No pulling to the right at high speeds - 1995 ...
Size 240,0 MB
Date 10.12.2014
Rating 10,00
Downloads 1590
[Details] [Download]
Corvette C6R Mod WSGT Addon v1.0
GTR EVO to GTR2 Conversion Credits : Converted by NitroRoby34 Updates by Lee71 Updates include : - Includes the 5 original skins from Gtr Evo - 5 new wheel styles - better masks for body and windows - skinnable window textures - Coup...
Size 37,6 MB
Date 11.10.2013
Rating 6,50
Downloads 1005
[Details] [Download]
Citroën 2CV Turbo Evo v3.1
Citroën 2CV Turbo Evo for GTR2 Funmod created by Speed92 Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overwrite existing one with "YES ALL" - done. Terms of Use : - only f...
Size 29,4 MB
Date 12.03.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 972
[Details] [Download]
Chevrolet Camaro-R 2009 Race Cars v1.0
2009 Chevrolet Camaro Race Cars for GTR2 converted / created by Bruno Gourdo based on the "Race On" car by Simbin Two classes of Chevrolet Camaro Race cars: Chevrolet Camaro RS : a 525 HP, 1150 kg race version for the NGT class Chevrolet...
Size 34,4 MB
Date 06.10.2012
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1399
[Details] [Download]
Cadillac CTS-R v1.0
Mod-info : I have done a Cadillac CTS for GTR2's GT class. It's basically a conversion from the NAGT rFactor Mod, but with some changes on the body, physics and sound. Package comes with 4 liveries, driver helmets, etc. Install : extrac...
Size 12,5 MB
Date 07.09.2012
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1165
[Details] [Download]
Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2009 v1.0
based on the "Race On" car by Simbin update v1.0 by Team PBB : - Camaro_R.cas edited, thanks to RaFoe - Physics updatet - FrankyBB (Betatest PBB) Technical Specifications: Engine Type: 7.9L V8 2-valve Engine Location: Front PS...
Size 23,7 MB
Date 24.08.2012
Rating 8,50
Downloads 976
[Details] [Download]
Chrysler 300C SRT-10 v1.0
created by Bruno Gourdo Version : 1.0 The CHRYSLER 300C with a powerful 8.4 liter V10 engine and a massive aero package. The set comes with : - 10 different cars - LODs - 3 tire brands, - custom cockpit - full lights (incl. new rain/...
Size 16,7 MB
Date 23.11.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 2048
[Details] [Download]
Callaway Corvette C12 v1.0
Conversion from RSDG's SCC Mod for F1 Challenge Content: * 2 cars from 2001 * ALMS and Le Mans liverys to have the correct wheels for the Le Mans car you should get the add-on rims from moatlspeed Credits: Full Credit goes to the RSDG...
Size 7,2 MB
Date 27.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1243
[Details] [Download]
Caterpillar 797B Mod v0.91
note : this is a fun mod - don't expect "real" racing cars ;-) the "large" class needs a lot of frames and can make problems - better to choose only the "medium" class or smaller. created by Feeding Bottle release thread Install : ...
Size 10,3 MB
Date 21.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1282
[Details] [Download]
Craftsman Truck Mod Add-on v1.0
Craftsman Truck Road Racing Mod Add-on Note : this is just an addon - make sure that you have installed the Nextel Series 2005 Mod conversion by Goresh Install : To install you must already have my Nextel Mod installed ! Both share ...
Size 31,0 MB
Date 20.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 2541
[Details] [Download]
Corvette C6-R Safety Car v1.1
Safety / Pace Car based on the Chevrolet Corvette C6 Mod by RMi update version 1.1: Delete support, resize and replace the model Install: Copy the gamedata folder to your GTR2 folder and click yes to overwrite. No original files will...
Size 13,0 MB
Date 20.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 1533
[Details] [Download]
Camaro-Firebird Challenge v1.3
update 2 created by Blacksamurai55 Slight fix to files and working Motec for Camaro and Firebird. Also threw in some rear engine cars I'm sure nobody really wants. TRN Motorsports CarboTech Porsche 996 BiTurbo original paint comes from ...
Size 42,7 MB
Date 20.08.2010
Rating 6,78
Downloads 2609
[Details] [Download]
Caterham Mod v1.2
converted from Race - The WTCC Game by Simbin also included in this package : Caterham Hayabusas Addon v1.1 by Vn3 Install: extract with WinRAR or else and copy the included GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory - allow to overw...
Size 192,0 MB
Date 19.08.2010
Rating 8,33
Downloads 10253
[Details] [Download]
Clio V6 Mod v1.0
Avertissement: Ce Mod provient en totalité du Clio créé par Brazil Developments MOD TEAM pour rFactor et convertie pour GTR2 par sid93. L'autorisation a été demandée à l'auteur original, et aucune réponse à été donné. Tous les tests ont été...
Size 32,4 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 7,78
Downloads 6727
[Details] [Download]
CRGC 2007 Mod v1.1
CRGC GT07 Mod v1.1 by Arnold Wong / WSGT Team C-Race GTR2 Championship 2007 incl. Lister Storm Team and McLaren F1 Longtail final source...
Size 99,9 MB
Date 18.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 4385
[Details] [Download]
Pages [1] :  1  15 Files

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