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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 19 Files
Glencehill v2.1
Glencehill for GTR2 created by frasie 3,2Km racetrack Scotland (fictional) for GTLegends - GTR2 - Race 07 Hi at all ! Here is my (newest) fictional racetrack situated in old Scotland near the coast. Have tested the track and Im satisfied...
Size 66,9 MB
Date 14.01.2018
Downloads 523
[Details] [Download]
Gotzenburg v1.1
GTR2 conversion by Bruno David Install : extract with WinRAR and copy the trackfolder into your GTR2\GameData\Location folder - done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GOTZENBURG v1.10 for GTR2 by BenM...
Size 11,8 MB
Date 11.02.2017
Downloads 1907
[Details] [Download]
Gammaring v1.0
Gammaring for GTR2 A fantasy track somewhere in the Netherlands. Made because another project of mine, a 60 mile track had a lot of setbacks and I wanted to produce something that worked. Many thanks to the maker of BTB. And ofcourse all ...
Size 83,2 MB
Date 03.02.2017
Downloads 287
[Details] [Download]
Greyhound v1.2
Credits : originally by David Le Blavec for NK2003 rFactor-Version by Madcowie GTR2-Version by R8 Gordini with friendly permission this is a direct coversion of my GTL version and will carry the same version numbers dedicated to my old...
Size 18,6 MB
Date 06.12.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 418
[Details] [Download]
GP-200 International v1.2
First off, I'd like to thank Madcowie for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTL/GTR2/Evo The original track does not come with a readme so I ask to check out the track page here for more info on the tr...
Size 21,3 MB
Date 05.12.2014
Rating 8,67
Downloads 1794
[Details] [Download]
Greenwood Roadway 1964 v1.0
Credits : Original author for Rfactor : Relesys Conversion, modification and graphics improvements Neel Jani Thank Relesys who has kindly given me permission to convert its circuit version of Rfactor worm platforms SimBin ( GTR2 , GTL , Race...
Size 89,8 MB
Date 19.08.2014
Rating 3,00
Downloads 444
[Details] [Download]
Golden Valley v1.0
CREDITS : Original author for Rfactor : Relesys GTR2 Conversion, alterations and improvements graphics by Neel Jani Thanks Relesys who kindly gave me permission to convert his circuit version of Rfactor worm platforms SimBin (GTR2, GTL & Rac...
Size 50,2 MB
Date 23.07.2013
Rating 8,00
Downloads 592
[Details] [Download]
Gotland Ring 2008 v2.0
The real track : Gotland Ring is the first ecological racetrack and driver training venue in the world. The premium racetrack and multi-functional motorsport facility on the Swedish island of Gotland, the most popular tourist resort in Sweden,...
Size 20,6 MB
Date 11.12.2012
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1575
[Details] [Download]
Guapore v1.0
This is my second track, builded from scratch with BTB ! But I couldn't never finished this track, without the help of this great friends ! ! ! The succsession of helpers, from my begin to the end ! 1) RACEDEPARTMENT/BOB's TRACK BUILDER Foru...
Size 45,1 MB
Date 03.11.2012
Rating 8,00
Downloads 509
[Details] [Download]
Groeninghe Park v1.1
created by fiedel updates v1.1 by FrankyBB : - Safety Car - Start Light - Grid 42 Cars LOD by die_Locke & FrankyBB Track-Infos : This is just a fantasy track that I created. It is not perfect (timetrial error, sometimes cars hit t...
Size 52,7 MB
Date 17.10.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 637
[Details] [Download]
Goldenport 2010 v2.0
Credits : Original track for rFactor : Raceking Conversion & update for GTR2 : Neel_Jani Simbin for GTR2 Simgarage 3DsimEd AIW Greybrad Thanks : - Raceking for the authorization to convert its track for Rfactor towards GTR2, - Surtees f...
Size 45,7 MB
Date 28.09.2010
Rating 9,50
Downloads 1270
[Details] [Download]
Grobnik v1.0
created by Gianni Staraz and Igor Radoviæ Free for private use only! Any commertialization or distribution is strictly forbidden. This track can not be distributed as a part of any Game. TRACK INFOS: The "Grobnik field" (Grobnièko Polje)...
Size 63,4 MB
Date 15.08.2010
Rating 8,38
Downloads 1675
[Details] [Download]
Greenstone Park v0.9
track created by EddieH A totally fictitious track based somewhere in the UK, made using Bob's Track Builder ( It's not perfect, but it's got long fast left and right hand turns, slow lefts and rights, a few bumps to unsettle the c...
Size 13,4 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 589
[Details] [Download]
Grand Valley Speedway v1.01
Converted for GTR by Frank55 Update by Neel Jani ------------------------------------------ update v1.01 - Auswahl der Fahrzeuge auf 50 geändert - SkyBox korrigiert LOD by TAKU Install : drop the GrandValley folder into your GTR2\...
Size 17,1 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 9,67
Downloads 2114
[Details] [Download]
Gateway v1.0
Converted to GTR2 by Piquet This is a convertion to GTR2 made by Piquet allowed by The Lonely (See Readme - rF). Thanks to Him, Gringosan, Codemasters and all the other guys who worked hard on it. Both Oval & Infield Road Course layout are inc...
Size 20,6 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 5,00
Downloads 986
[Details] [Download]
Gellerasen v1.0
GTR2 conversion of the Gellerasen GTL Track by derDumeklemmer - Conversion, editing and by gobi - LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB Features: - Full featured GTR2 AIW (32 cars) - Animated Marshals - Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight - Rainr...
Size 10,2 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1044
[Details] [Download]
Goldenport Motorpark v2.0
Credits : Original track for rFactor : Raceking Conversion & update for GTR2 : Neel_Jani Simbin for GTR2 Simgarage 3DsimEd AIW Greybrad Thanks : - Raceking for the authorization to convert its track for Rfactor towards GTR2, - Surtees f...
Size 16,2 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 1334
[Details] [Download]
Greyhound v1.0
The Greyhound for GTR2 Fantasy Track Credits : Original Track created by David Le Blavec for NK2003 rFactor-Version by Madcowie GTR2 Conversion by Bruno David ( Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop th...
Size 16,5 MB
Date 20.05.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 2296
[Details] [Download]
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