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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 17 Files
Jacarepagua GSC 2011 v1.0
Credits : Original Track created by Reiza Studios for Game Stock Car 2011 GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found on f1classic, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warranty on correctness. Install : extract with...
Size 114,0 MB
Date 28.02.2015
Downloads 624
[Details] [Download]
Jerez F1 GP 1994 v1.0
Jerez de la Frontera F1 GP 1994 for GTR2 Credits : Original Track created by The Lonely and SLN GTR2 F1-1994 updates by So-Cal-Racing track was found in a F1 Trackpack without Readme file or further details - all infos without warranty on...
Size 70,1 MB
Date 31.01.2015
Rating 9,00
Downloads 771
[Details] [Download]
Jyllandsringen STCC 2010 v0.9
Jyllandsringen STCC 2010 for GTR2 GP and Short Layout Credits : Original Track created by SimBin for STCC - The Game 2 GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found on f1classic, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warr...
Size 102,1 MB
Date 10.01.2015
Downloads 568
[Details] [Download]
Jarama 2009 v2.0
GTR2 Conversion & updates by Zwiss >>> Track-Infos The virtual Track Still to come Credits ...
Size 19,0 MB
Date 09.07.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 652
[Details] [Download]
Johor 2010 v1.0
Johor 2010 Pasir Gudang for GTR2 Original Track F1-C By zero-g & IDT Conversion, Modification & optimization by Neel Jani & Boblebric I thank zero-g & IDT for the authorization granted to conversion for their circuit for F1-C towards the p...
Size 75,2 MB
Date 05.10.2012
Rating 8,00
Downloads 627
[Details] [Download]
Jops Siffert 2009 v1.0
Jops Siffert (Grand Prix de la Neuveville) 2009 v1.0 Origin of the circuit for LPG by Manu68 & Jackseller. the 1st conversion worm Rfactor by Manu68 & optimization by Neel Jani. Conversion and modification for version 09 by Neel Jani. I thank...
Size 75,0 MB
Date 13.09.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1029
[Details] [Download]
Jyllandsringen 1966 v1.0
The Real Track: Jyllands-Ringen is a motor racing circuit close to Silkeborg, Denmark. It was openend in 1966 and used to attract huge crowds. From 1976 on, only part of the track was used, and interest faded, until 2003. In 2003 the circui...
Size 11,3 MB
Date 13.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 925
[Details] [Download]
Jarama GPC 1979 v1.0
with thanks to Antonio "_Chacal__" and Alfredo "amrharry" for original creation and conversion of the excellent Jarama track; this track is based on the latest rFactor version 2.0 released for GP79 MOD by GPC team, that was slightly remodelled wi...
Size 15,0 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1243
[Details] [Download]
Jarama GP v3.0
Converted to GTL by Alex73 Conversion and updates to GTR2 by Neel Jani Origin of the circuit for Sean Volmer SCGT and converted by Tantra for F1 in 2001. I thank Alex73 for his permission to convert his GTL version to GTR2. The improvements ...
Size 64,8 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1452
[Details] [Download]
Jarama 2007 v1.0
by Chacal and amrHarry GTR2 conversion & newcams by motorgash9000 Version : 1.0 Many thanks to _Chacal__ and amrHarry for this great work (very close to the real track), and for give me permission for the conversion to GTR2. Thanks to: ...
Size 13,3 MB
Date 09.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 1147
[Details] [Download]
Jacarepagua 1988 v1.0
GTR2 conversion of the Jacarepagua 1988 made for rFactor by Carrera 4 - Conversion, editing and texturework by gobi - GTL release by Dumeklemmer - LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB and Blackhawk Important: Please mind the other ReadMe files ...
Size 25,4 MB
Date 04.08.2010
Rating 6,50
Downloads 1544
[Details] [Download]
Jops Circuit de la Neuveville v1.1
Information Update v1.1 : I thank DerDumeklemmer who made a correction on the Skybox (Horizon Mountain) correction bottom of Boxes, and added substantive circuit, which corrects cuts that could see a certain place of the circuit and the Loing in...
Size 27,9 MB
Date 04.08.2010
Rating 6,50
Downloads 1143
[Details] [Download]
Jacarepagua v1.4
Jacarepagua - Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet GTR2 conversion of the "Jacarepagua" F1C/rFactor Track - Conversion, editing and texturework by gobi - LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB and BlackHawk2LW - Betatesting by - Cam...
Size 22,9 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1414
[Details] [Download]
Johor GP v2.0
Original Track F1-C By zero-g & IDT Conversion and graphic editing by Neel Jani I thank zero-g & IDT for the authorization to convert this circuit from F1-C to GTR1 & GTR2 In this new version the improvements are as follows : * Multitexturi...
Size 16,0 MB
Date 02.08.2010
Rating 4,00
Downloads 1161
[Details] [Download]
Jerez 1988 v1.0
GTR2 conversion of the "Jerez 1988" GTL track by derDumeklemmer Original rFactor track by Carrera.4 - Conversion, editing by gobi - LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB & !Sonic! Features: - Full featured GTR2 AIW (36 cars) - Animated Marshals ...
Size 24,7 MB
Date 24.05.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1750
[Details] [Download]
Jiading China GP v2.0
includes 3 new layouts : - Chinese GP - West long - West Short Updates in v2.0 : - Fixed all pitting issues. - Added Rain fog thanks to Zarker99 - Added low level "Moon" lighting for night racing - Added Flag Marshals - Rainline for th...
Size 22,8 MB
Date 21.05.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 3584
[Details] [Download]
Jerez v1.0
converted from GTR1 author : unknown - there was no Readme included if someone knows who created / converted this track feel free to add this infos, thanks. Installation : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the trackfolder into your ...
Size 14,3 MB
Date 21.05.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1988
[Details] [Download]
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