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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 18 Files
Karlskoga STCC 2010 v1.0
Karlskoga Motorstadion STCC 2010 for GTR2 Credits : Original Track created by SimBin for STCC - The Game 2 GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found somewhere on f1classic, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warrant...
Size 81,2 MB
Date 01.11.2016
Downloads 420
[Details] [Download]
Keimola v1.11
Date: 2010/01/18 Author: Kimmo Kokkonen e-Mail: Converted from GPL to GTL and GTR2 by Kimmo Kokkonen. Original GPL track by Jussi Kaskia, Greger Huttu and Olli Suominen. Installation : 1. Unzip Keimola_GTR2_1.1.rar 2. ...
Size 9,2 MB
Date 24.07.2015
Downloads 908
[Details] [Download]
Kyalami GP v1.1
Kyalami GP for GTR2 (incl. Texture-Update) Credits : Made availible for GTL by Mr_DutchDevil Toads for his awesome track (see the original readme for credits) Track-Infos : Kyalami is a motor racing circuit, and suburb in Gauteng, South...
Size 46,4 MB
Date 06.12.2014
Rating 8,25
Downloads 2620
[Details] [Download]
Kotarr v1.0
Circuito Kotarr is a medium sized race track in Burgos, Spain. It’s a track which houses all different types of Motorsport, including Car, Motorbike, Karting, Supermoto and Drifting – essentially everything they possibly can! Opening in 2009, p...
Size 11,2 MB
Date 06.03.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 412
[Details] [Download]
Korea IC v1.0
The Korea International Circuit was build from the scratch for rFactor by macci dESIGN. who kindly gave me his permission to convert this beautiful build GTL and GTR2. A very BIG "Thank you so much" for this kind offer! - My biggest respect for ...
Size 42,6 MB
Date 26.11.2012
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1149
[Details] [Download]
Kinnekulle v1.1
Tommy Rustad marked his great northern F1C tracks as "Beta, feel free to complete it". - My biggest RESPECT for his kind efforts - Since I love(ed) MoIRana and Knustorp I took a look into his Kinnekulle version also. So I've finished the GTL v...
Size 8,1 MB
Date 26.11.2012
Rating 7,50
Downloads 1173
[Details] [Download]
Killarney v1.2
Killarney Killarney Motor Racing Complex was build from the scratch for Race07 by respawned. He kindly gave me his permission to convert this beautiful track to GTR2. A very BIG "Thank you so much" for this kind offer! - My biggest respect ...
Size 38,5 MB
Date 26.11.2012
Rating 9,33
Downloads 657
[Details] [Download]
Katikati v1.0
Made with BTB evo Final ai adjustments at bumps done with rFactor ai editor Xpacks - default, Great Britain (jmy-p-666), Rural Australia, Smes pack (Marek Pokorny) Circuit based on topographic map of real roads near Katikati, New Zealand ...
Size 42,9 MB
Date 26.11.2012
Rating 7,00
Downloads 566
[Details] [Download]
Kyalami 1975 v1.5
I realise the layout hasn't changed through the 70's years, been using various F1 cars for various years from the 70's I thought I would do a bit more with the 75 track pack. So 75Kyalami is very similar to the earlier public release of the 70's...
Size 34,1 MB
Date 10.10.2012
Rating 4,00
Downloads 782
[Details] [Download]
Knockhill v1.01
basic track from the the British GT Track-Pack v1.1 updated by MMT version 1.01 (updates by Team PBB) : - aiw & gdb corrected - fit for 28 Cars - race groove - new LOD by Taku Included in this track pack are tracks you already have, ho...
Size 13,2 MB
Date 19.09.2012
Rating 7,50
Downloads 1563
[Details] [Download]
Kings Point v1.0
created by Kneegrow Version 1.0 Description : A fictional track that is tight with a long fast section. Lap times around 1:30 once you nail the lines. Tools: 3Dsimed BTB PS Special thanks goes to: Goresh CodeF1 DocFeelGood ...
Size 56,7 MB
Date 18.10.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 596
[Details] [Download]
Kyalami 70s v1.1
This is a reworked Kyalami version based on the old converted Kyalami79. I always meant to smooth out the corners and mesh in the first conversion of the papyrus track, in the end started again. The 70 Kyalami, layout can be used 60's upto the 80'...
Size 21,1 MB
Date 26.09.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 785
[Details] [Download]
Kingswood v0.2
Another fanatsy track from me care of BTB. This one is a smallish club style circuit with some fast flowing corners, a couple of hairpins and a couple of corners that you have to get right or it'll lose you lots of time! Still to be done : ...
Size 30,6 MB
Date 13.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 733
[Details] [Download]
Kyalami GPC 1979 v2.6
note by =SiGi= : this is a fixed version - the GTR2 Dedicated Server will now run stable with this one - thanks ken for resolving this problem you should'nt have to delete hatfile if you had the earlier version that I did, released by DD and ...
Size 15,7 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 1314
[Details] [Download]
Knockhill 2005 v1.0
Knockhill Racing circuit in Fife is Scotland's national Motorsport centre. The circuit is located in the Fife countryside about 10 miles north of Dunfermline. The track, initially opened in 1974 is 1.3 miles long and 10 metres wide, created by joi...
Size 15,0 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1374
[Details] [Download]
Karjala v1.0
This is a Beta version This is a fictional track originally made for N2003, created by Krister Bertilsson and The Hillcrest Racing Team. If you you have downloaded my other two tracks then you will know the problems that exist. 1. Pit e...
Size 14,6 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 931
[Details] [Download]
Knutstorp v3.1
Note : It is not allowed to host this track outside of and This track is dedicated to this community only !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Size 7,8 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 1333
[Details] [Download]
Kemora v1.0
Kemora v1.0 created by Jalo Viina Track-Infos : Kemora is a real life track located on small village called Veteli, about 60 km from Kokkola to east. This track is a conversion from GPL, (never released) that I have made from scratch. ...
Size 12,7 MB
Date 18.05.2010
Rating 6,50
Downloads 1068
[Details] [Download]
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