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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 27 Files
Laquais 2010 v1.6
Circuit du Laquais 2010, France for GTR2 created by Sissou Bonjour a tous, Version 1.00 du circuit Francais 2010 du Laquais piste de 3100 metres situé a Champier 28260 version de bobs track builder utilisée 0.803 pit adapté pour 24 voi...
Size 62,2 MB
Date 13.10.2016
Downloads 291
[Details] [Download]
Ledenon 2011 v4.0
Bonjour a tous, version 4.0 du tres mythique circuit de LEDENON modifié 2011 version de bobs track builder utilisée 0.803 pit adapté pour 30 voitures. Position géographique : latitude 43°55'22.98"N longitude 4°30'14.86"E Situé dan...
Size 47,7 MB
Date 12.09.2015
Downloads 748
[Details] [Download]
Londrina GSC v1.0
Credits : Original Track created by Reiza Studios for Game Stock Car 2011 GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found on f1classic, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warranty on correctness. Install : extract with...
Size 97,7 MB
Date 17.07.2015
Downloads 454
[Details] [Download]
Lake Superior Raceway v1.0
GTR2 Conversion & updates by BenMK1 I have converted Lake Superior Raceway v1.10 (rFactor) from Casey Shaw There are 4 different versions : - Long - Short - 24 Hour (is same as long with more scenery objects, and more light around the trac...
Size 175,0 MB
Date 28.02.2015
Downloads 804
[Details] [Download]
Leipzig Porsche 2014 v1.0
Credits : Original author for rFactor : Relesys Conversion, graphics changes and improvements by Neel Jani Thanks to Relesys who kindly gave me permission to convert his rFactor circuit to SimBin and Reiza Studio platforms. (GTR2, GTL, Race0...
Size 87,6 MB
Date 09.02.2015
Downloads 725
[Details] [Download]
Losail 2007 v1.1
Losail 2007 - Qatar for GTR2 created by Tantra Author Website updates v1.1 by Team PBB : - Grid Pos fixed - Track fit for 40 cars Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\....
Size 23,7 MB
Date 06.12.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 2051
[Details] [Download]
Le Mas du clos 2006 v1.11
Credits : Original Track created by Piaoo, TheSky, PhilCout for rFactor GTR2, GTL, Race07 Conversion by TheSky Track-Infos : This tracks was created with BOB's track builder from informations of geoportail, for the layout and the differ...
Size 44,0 MB
Date 06.12.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1429
[Details] [Download]
LaMorra GP v1.1
Credits : Original author for Rfactor : Relesys GTR2 Conversion, modification and graphics improvements Neel Jani Thank Relesys who has kindly given me permission to convert its circuit version of Rfactor worm platforms SimBin (GTR2, GTL & R...
Size 83,7 MB
Date 26.07.2013
Rating 9,00
Downloads 714
[Details] [Download]
Le Grand Sambuc v1.0
Circuit du Grand Sambuc The heart of Provence, Grand Sambuc circuit is about 20 kilometers from Aix-en-Provence in the town of Vauvenargues. Its plot is 2 km particularly hilly, technical and ... flooded with sunlight. Particularly friendly a...
Size 9,5 MB
Date 06.03.2013
Rating 8,00
Downloads 565
[Details] [Download]
Laquais v1.0
Circuit du Laquais The Circuit du Laquais is a permanent race track, located in Champier in the middle of the Region Rhone-Alpes.The facility is reasonably new, and benefits from several different layouts. The main uses for the track are tr...
Size 11,8 MB
Date 06.03.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 497
[Details] [Download]
Las Vegas Chicane and RC v1.1
Las Vegas Chicane Speedway and Fictional Road Course for GTR2 Version : 1.1 created by a74hearse Made with BTB Evo, SimEd and Gimp. Known Issues : There are no start lights, flagers or cautions due to my lack of knowladge on how to ...
Size 47,1 MB
Date 05.03.2013
Rating 5,00
Downloads 539
[Details] [Download]
La Plata 2011 v1.0
Autodromo La Plata 2011 for GTR2 from TC 2011 (Turismo Competición / Argentina) Version : 1.0 Credits : Original created for rFactor by RFM-Modding GTR2 Conversion by Ron123 / TrackaHolics Install : extract with WinRAR or else and ...
Size 40,5 MB
Date 05.03.2013
Rating 6,00
Downloads 518
[Details] [Download]
Lakeside IR v1.1
Lakeside International Raceway By: Mike Cantwell GTR2 version by: Donnie Werner / RMi under license please see the readme_rFactor.txt for o...
Size 45,0 MB
Date 05.03.2013
Rating 6,00
Downloads 453
[Details] [Download]
Lakeside Park 2010 v1.0
Author : Mikec87 Release : 10th October 2012 Version 1.00 Special thank to Sunlap for this conversion. Standing start works best. AIW file needs help. So if you can, please do!! Representations of Lakeside International Raceway are granted u...
Size 44,6 MB
Date 17.01.2013
Rating 8,50
Downloads 634
[Details] [Download]
Lake Point v1.01
Racecourse fiction around a little lake. Features : - 11x2 cars / pit / garage - Length : 2.070 miles / 3.332 km - animated marshal and spectators (sunalp2 and motorfx, big thanks for the tutorial) Thanks: BobsTrackBuilder 3dsMax 3DSi...
Size 20,3 MB
Date 15.08.2010
Rating 3,00
Downloads 835
[Details] [Download]
Lorenzo Marini v2.05
Italiano : Lorenzo Marini Track è una pista inventata creata per testare le vetture. E' completa di tutto: chicane, lunghi rettilinei, curvoni veloci, tornanti, staccate non in linea... In questa versione: poche texture nuove, nuove griglie ...
Size 28,7 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 4,00
Downloads 669
[Details] [Download]
Lausitzring Eurospeedway v2.0
Com8 gave me permission to release his version of the Lausitzring for GTR2. In this new evrsion you will find: 2 layouts of the Lausitzring - The long GP layout - the short layout, as used by the DTM. - the triangle, as used by the CART ...
Size 16,3 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 2104
[Details] [Download]
Lakeside v1.0
Lakeside International Raceway By : Mike Cantwell GTR2 version by : Donnie Werner / RMi under license please see the readme_rFactor.txt fo...
Size 44,1 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 5,50
Downloads 658
[Details] [Download]
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