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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 16 Files
Obera v1.6
Autodromo de Obera for GTR2 created by Sissou Bonjour a tous, Circuit d'Obéra DE 4.3 kms situé en Argentine altitude globale 316 metres LAT 27°29'36.71"S LON 55°10'35.27"O Pits adapté pour 32 voitures. Version de BobsTrackBuild...
Size 44,8 MB
Date 25.11.2016
Downloads 334
[Details] [Download]
Oak Hill Raceway v1.0
Original author for Rfactor : Relesys Conversion, modification and graphics improvements by Neel Jani Relesys kindly gave me permission to convert his circuit version of Rfactor to the SimBin platforms (GTR2, GTL, Race07 series, GSC FTruck 2013...
Size 69,3 MB
Date 18.07.2015
Downloads 369
[Details] [Download]
Oesterreichring 1975 v1.0
Österreichring 1975 for GTR2 by motorfx This is the an updated version of the 75 Oesterreich I recently released for GSC of the very fast Österreichring, before the chicane was built. to give a representation of the track as seen in the f...
Size 16,3 MB
Date 19.08.2014
Downloads 646
[Details] [Download]
Okayama IC 2011 SGT Edition v0.95
updated by Izukon This is just an update regarding the original conversion of jd121449. Features a lot of changes regarding and how the 2011 Okayama looks like in Super GT Round 1. It is not perfect regarding accuracy of the track itself b...
Size 191,0 MB
Date 10.09.2013
Rating 8,50
Downloads 1519
[Details] [Download]
Oschersleben 2012 v1.1
converted from RACE ON by Simbin for EEC ADAC GT Masters Mod by ilu2404 Basically it's the same Track as in RaceOn, converted by jd121449, but these are the changes: - Grid and Garage Area for 48 cars - working Formation Lap - new P...
Size 65,0 MB
Date 08.07.2013
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1294
[Details] [Download]
Oran Park 2006 v1.0
Oran Park Raceway has several track layouts. It was established on 1 January 1963 with the current South Circuit. The full track ("Grand Prix Circuit") was added in the early 1970s. It is a 2.7 kilometre figure-eight shape with a bridge where t...
Size 25,5 MB
Date 08.07.2013
Rating 7,50
Downloads 664
[Details] [Download]
Opzoldering v1.0
Opzoldering is a real life Slotrace track i my attick (Opzoldering is dutch for "in the attick ring") Opzoldering has its own blog This is the first track I have made with BTB. The track is 4217 meters long and has some corners with a double...
Size 30,0 MB
Date 08.07.2013
Rating 7,00
Downloads 395
[Details] [Download]
Oulton Park 60s v1.0
04/05/2011 This is an interpretation of Oulton Park in the 60s early 70s, most buildings and signs are where they were at the time. i have added long gone water towers, huts and garage buildings (which had such great viewing when you climbed ...
Size 27,8 MB
Date 10.10.2012
Rating 4,00
Downloads 593
[Details] [Download]
Owi Racing Circuit 2009 v1.0
created by Owi Version : 10_021 10.02.2010 Install : entpacken nach / unpack into ...\GTR2\GameData\Locations\ know bugs: - AI. Drivers sux .. :D - over 25 cars sometimes some pitspots placed wrong - aiw needs more tuning pls ...
Size 37,4 MB
Date 12.11.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 793
[Details] [Download]
Oshimizu v1.2
whats new : * bump and spec maps * AIW * Rain reflections * more objects thanks for all the great feedback about the beta, now enjoy a finished version. old infos : Oshimizu Japan 0.9 (public beta) for GTR2 & rFactor By Phil Blunt O...
Size 35,7 MB
Date 13.08.2010
Rating 8,67
Downloads 1126
[Details] [Download]
Orlatal v1.3
Orlatal & Orlatal Ring Circuit This is a conversion to GTR2 made by Peter Kuhn allowed by Marco Saupe Orlatal was created for Nascar 2003 Season by Marco Saupe. He has also created the second version of this track Orlatalring. This track wa...
Size 83,7 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1162
[Details] [Download]
Oesterreichring GPC 1979 v2.3
This is a new version based on the version 2 and the last track in the series, included in the GPC teams trackpack for rfactor, although I have made some changes to it for gtr2, rebuilt some sections, new ai, new road textures, new grass and so...
Size 13,3 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 1486
[Details] [Download]
Oesterreichring 1970 v2.1
This is just a rendition of the GPCOsterreich79 track as the earlier seventies layout before the chicane...some texture differences, new aiw, rain reflections, animated marshals and gtr2 lights.. Changed the 79 version to represent the earlie...
Size 12,8 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 1397
[Details] [Download]
Oulton Park 2005 v2.01
Lasercutter gave me permission to do a new conversion from his track. Since the old one by FBI had no rain reflection, sparkling textures, less layouts, and other flaws, I decided to do a new version. I started from lasercutter's rF version aga...
Size 21,2 MB
Date 06.08.2010
Rating 9,25
Downloads 2183
[Details] [Download]
OldRing Park v1.6
MEMBERS ONLY RELEASE : It is not allowed to host this track outside of and This track is dedicated to this community only !!! Es ist nicht gestattet diese Strecke außerhalb von und e...
Size 40,6 MB
Date 02.08.2010
Rating 9,50
Downloads 3197
[Details] [Download]
Oschersleben 2007 v1.0
Original Track from "RACE07" by SimBin Development Team AB GTR2 conversion by ? author : unknown - there was no Readme included if someone knows who converted it to GTR2 please feel free to add this infos, thanks. Installation : copy the...
Size 65,7 MB
Date 24.05.2010
Rating 8,33
Downloads 2946
[Details] [Download]
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