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Downloads » GTR2 Race Cars 34 Files
Porsche 997 RSR GT3 GT300 Hankook 2011 v1.1
Addon Car for the Japan SGT300 Series Mod This car can be also installed and driven as standalone without the SGT300 Mod 2011 DIJON RACING Suzumiya Haruhi no Reshingu Hankook Porsche 997 GT3-RSR GT300 for GTR2 created by izukon Descript...
Size 17,9 MB
Date 19.12.2016
Downloads 510
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 996 GT3 RSR GT300 2010 Racing Miku v1.01
Addon Car for the Japan SGT300 Series Mod This car can be also installed and driven as standalone without the SGT300 Mod 2010 Racing Miku Porsche 996 GT3-RSR GT300 by izukon for GTR2 Goodsmile Racing x COX with Hankook Autobacs Super GT 2010 ...
Size 19,2 MB
Date 18.12.2016
Downloads 371
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 911 GT3-R GT300 2010-2011 v1.01
Addon Car for the Japan SGT300 Series Mod This car can be also installed and driven as standalone without the SGT300 Mod 2010-2011 PORSCHE 911 GT3-R GT300 for GTR2 created by izukon Features the following Livery Teams inside: 2010 Raci...
Size 13,2 MB
Date 17.12.2016
Downloads 404
[Details] [Download]
PRD Dodge Viper GTS-R GT3 v1.0
PRD Dodge Viper GTS-R GT3 for GTR2 created by Scarface The basic car (Dodge/Chrysler Viper GTS-R) comes from SimBin Development Team AB. I have optimized and adjusted the whole thing, to a GT3 version. I'm not a big fan of the GT3 class (mainl...
Size 29,2 MB
Date 30.10.2016
Downloads 384
[Details] [Download]
Porsche Carrera GT V10 v1.1
Porsche Carrera GT V10 for GTR2 CREDITS : Model by EA NFS GTR2 Conversion by ? dl-link was found somewhere in the net, no further infos or ReadMe file included - all infos without warranty on correctness. Install : extract with WinR...
Size 22,5 MB
Date 30.10.2016
Downloads 607
[Details] [Download]
PRD BMW Z4 GT2 M Coupé v1.0
The basic car (BMW Z4 M Coupé GT) comes from SimBin Development Team AB (GTR Evo). I have optimized and adjusted the whole thing, to a GT2 version. I'm a good fan of the GT2/GTE class, but I think there are just not enough cars. Things done by m...
Size 72,9 MB
Date 12.09.2015
Downloads 811
[Details] [Download]
Porsche Cayman S Cup 2011 v1.0
It took a little longer than I expected but it is finally here. This one have all body/cockpit styles available in Shift but all styles use same physics because this is done as fictional Porsche Cayman S Cup. Parts mixing goes like this: -...
Size 65,0 MB
Date 04.02.2015
Downloads 1258
[Details] [Download]
PCC Australia 2013 and FRA 2006-07 Mod v1.0
Porsche Carrera Cup Australia 2013 for GTR2 also included in this package : - Porsche Carrera Cup France Season 2006-2007 - 2011 Addon Teams Credits : Original Mod created by EnduRacers for rFactor 2013 Australia Skin-Pack for rFactor b...
Size 97,7 MB
Date 19.11.2014
Rating 6,50
Downloads 793
[Details] [Download]
Panoz Abruzzi GT2 2011 v1.0
CREDITS : GTR2 Conversion by germanStig & Merlin75 Model by MS Forza Info : Some people hate it, some people like it. Choose whatever you prefer, here's the (ugly) Panoz Abruzzi from Forza Conversion by me and Merlin. There's a template i...
Size 53,0 MB
Date 05.11.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 877
[Details] [Download]
Porsche Mobil-1 Supercup 2011 v1.3
GSMF Porsche Mobil Super Cup 2011 Championship Season for GTR2 by JCM@cedo (2011.09.30) This mod is based on the Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Car developed by GSMF ( Original rFactor base 3d model). So this is basicly the Porsche Mobil Super Cup 2...
Size 86,0 MB
Date 15.07.2013
Rating 8,00
Downloads 2385
[Details] [Download]
Peugeot V12 GTR v1.0
Racing version of the Peugeot V12 GT Concept, reworked with permission. Credits : Original Design by AzRim Fix rework by BenMk1 (thanks for this beautifull design !) Skinable version by Georges Abitbol (user secarnot at nogrip forums) Con...
Size 30,0 MB
Date 12.07.2013
Rating 9,00
Downloads 1165
[Details] [Download]
Peugeot V12 GT Concept v1.1
Peugeot V12 GT Concept updated by BenMK1 The Original car is from AzRiM-Mirza Rustemovic, see the Readme.txt I have overworked this fine car v1.1 updates : - gmts overworked for better fps - closed the holes in the cockpit view - bette...
Size 35,7 MB
Date 26.08.2012
Rating 9,00
Downloads 3181
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 911 GT1 & Mercedes CLK-LM 1998 v1.0
This is a 100% free and non-commercial modification for GTR2 by SimBin. The use of this modification is at your own risk. Installation: Simply follow the instructions of the setupfile. Go&NoGo: During the installation you will need to...
Size 76,5 MB
Date 11.08.2012
Rating 9,00
Downloads 2050
[Details] [Download]
Porsche HatsuneMiku xGSR 2010 v1.5
2010 HatsuneMiku x GSR Porsche 996 SGT300 for GTR2 Add-on Car for the Japan SGT300 Mod created by izukon version : 1.50 Based on the real team that will participate on the Super GT 2010 Series, Goodsmile Racing together with Cox Engineeri...
Size 29,2 MB
Date 08.10.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 981
[Details] [Download]
Pontiac GTO-R Add-On v1.0
Pontiac GTO-R Add-On v1.0 by scca1981 Converted from RD Grid. This is a real life drift car converted to a GT2 race car. Bugs: Driver feet (i'm too lazy to fix) Shows up in 2003/2004 NGT Standard Class selection. Install: Drop the G...
Size 16,5 MB
Date 27.08.2010
Rating 8,88
Downloads 2322
[Details] [Download]
Panoz Esperante GTLM v1.0
Panoz Esperante GTLM Add-On for GTR2 by scca1981 Version: 1.0 Converted from RD Grid If you have the isi version I converted it will not overwrite it. Shows up in 2003/2004 NGT Standard Class selection. Paint Template soon. Do not pain...
Size 28,0 MB
Date 27.08.2010
Rating 7,40
Downloads 2574
[Details] [Download]
Porsche 911 GT1 1998 v1.1
Credits: Aleksss..........................Ingame Work, Texture Updates, Animations, Wheels Schraubenzwinge..............3D Modell, Template & Textures Tolik..............................Physics, Betatester Alless............................Whee...
Size 14,4 MB
Date 22.08.2010
Rating 9,22
Downloads 3170
[Details] [Download]
Porsche Dutch nGT Challenge 2009 v1.0
14 Teams, 24 cars. Teams: 01 = Paul van Splunteren (NL) - Porsche Centrum Eindhoven 02 = Bas Schothorst (NL) - Porsche Centrum Eindhoven 03 = Alex Remers (NL) - Dura Automotive 04 = Peter de Smet (NL) - Dura Automotive 05 = Marcel Bouwma (...
Size 84,3 MB
Date 22.08.2010
Rating 6,00
Downloads 1322
[Details] [Download]
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    i 'm working on a completely new, up-to-date eSR website - that is very time consuming, so i will add less files in the next time, but then there will be a lot of new things, maybe also for other racing sims, stay tuned Cool
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    Can somebody or maker RacerM himself pls rework the road inside the tunnel of Monaco 2011 for GTR 2!? The track is superb, even awesome, but the bumpy tunnel is very annoying! Thank you!
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