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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road 19 Files
Trial Mountain v1.0
Trial Mountain for GTR2 GTR2 Conversion by BenMK1 I have convertetd TrialMountain v1.00 (rFactor) from Tomj. v1.00 : • AIW: Groove, Teleport, Timetrial • Rain reflect Credits : thanks to Tomj for this track and permission to conver...
Size 37,0 MB
Date 14.01.2018
Downloads 222
[Details] [Download]
Total Spa 2013 v2.5
Total Spa Francorchamps 2013 for GTR2 24h and GP Layout GTR2 Conversion by ilu2404 Version : 2.5 Credits : Original Track by Codemasters rFactor Conversion by Triebie changes in v2.5 : - Highly improved Performance without removin...
Size 119,8 MB
Date 10.12.2016
Downloads 553
[Details] [Download]
Termas de Río Hondo v1.1
Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo (Santiago del Estero) for GTR2 from TC 2000 (Turismo Competición / Argentina) Credits : Original track created for rFactor GTR2 Conversion by Ron123 / TrackaHolics updated by eurostc * * not sure if this is...
Size 58,6 MB
Date 02.08.2015
Downloads 1029
[Details] [Download]
Trial Mountain v1.1
created by Konori Description : Trial Mountain and Trial Mountain Reverse from Grand turismo series. scratch built by BTB. Length = 2.475mi / 3.971km Max Vehicles = 36 Version 1.1 : - add Start Li...
Size 43,9 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 532
[Details] [Download]
Trackaholics Raceway 2011 v1.0
created by Junior Mikey This track is for honouring ron123 and sidstalker who never stops creating fantastic stuff. Thank you guys :-) Credits: Bob's Track Builder Basic City xpack by Dosgraphix Buildings 2010 by Cartoon Ennis Extra...
Size 55,7 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Rating 5,00
Downloads 438
[Details] [Download]
The Edge v1.2
I'd like to thank Madcowie for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTR2. There is no rFactor Readme for this track Installation: Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files. E...
Size 60,5 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 572
[Details] [Download]
The Marches v1.1
created by whalleychris British inspired track Install : Extract with WinRAR or else and drop the "TheMarches" folder into your "GTR2\GameData\Locations" directory - done. have fun...
Size 105,0 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 438
[Details] [Download]
Tsukuba 2005 v2.0
The track The Tsukuba Circuit is a famous race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Japan. It is 2,070 metres (1.29 mi) long, has 32 pits and the longest straight is 437 metres (0.272 mi) long The track has a large varia...
Size 12,2 MB
Date 27.08.2012
Rating 8,13
Downloads 1930
[Details] [Download]
Taupo 2005 v1.0
JOGY had given both sunalp2 and me permission to bring this track to GTR2, so we both did some work on it. sunalps fixed the safety car, the start lights, animated marshalls and spectators, corner markers, AIW work... I did a lot of work on...
Size 12,7 MB
Date 27.08.2012
Rating 7,00
Downloads 510
[Details] [Download]
Toban v3.01
Toban all layouts for GTR2 Version : 3.01 Original Track from rFactor created by ISI GTR2 conversion by 4ph3x update v3.01 (by Team PBB) : - fixed gdb and AIW Track-Infos : This track is a conversion of the rFactor track. Fictio...
Size 33,6 MB
Date 24.10.2010
Rating 9,00
Downloads 4897
[Details] [Download]
Thruxton 2009 v0.81
GTR2 conversion by sunalp2 This is a conversion of the rFactor Beta by lasercutter. I would like to thank him for giving me permission to do the conversion. He wanted me to stress that this is a BETA. Although the track is still under cons...
Size 116,0 MB
Date 28.09.2010
Rating 10,00
Downloads 992
[Details] [Download]
Tapachula v1.1
Tapachula is a fantasy track, located in Messico. The project of this track started in July, and after many layout and texture adjustments, on 6/11 the new track was ready to work. Tapachula is created for drive with average power cars, becaus...
Size 63,7 MB
Date 12.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 789
[Details] [Download]
Thompson Raceway 1962 v0.9
Thompson62 is an original Track created in Bob's track Builder, Modeled (with some latitude) after the 2 mile configuration of the Thompson raceway, the self proclaimed "America's Toughest Road Racing Course" (I think at some time Bridgehampton ma...
Size 77,2 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 6,67
Downloads 1070
[Details] [Download]
Tor Kielce v1.01
Tor Kielce (Miedziana Gora, Poland) update v1.01 : * AIW fix by KHAN1670 Org. RFactor Track scratch build by "NAD" ! ! ! Many "THANKS" to "NAD", for convert-permission to GTL and GTR2 ! ! ! SPECIAL THANX tO "BETTY SWOLLUX" for the LOD ...
Size 35,8 MB
Date 10.08.2010
Rating 7,00
Downloads 947
[Details] [Download]
Thunderhill Park v0.9 beta
Converted and modeled by Mc Wolf Org. GPL short track, by "James Sowell" Converted to RFactor, and added the long track, by "Andy55" & "Bud Lucas" Many "THANKS" to "Bud Lucas", for permission to GTR2-convert ! ! ! 1) Thunderhill long 0.9 Beta...
Size 11,7 MB
Date 06.08.2010
Rating 3,50
Downloads 823
[Details] [Download]
TiAida v2.0
05TiAida & TiAida Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the "TiAida" folder into your GTR2 Locations directory - done Information improvement : * Full Optimization and textures GMT for a best result of the FPS * Correction of...
Size 34,2 MB
Date 05.08.2010
Rating 8,67
Downloads 1996
[Details] [Download]
Teretonga Park v1.0
Installation: Extract to \GTR2\GameData\Locations Known Issues: - none Track-Infos : Teretonga Park is the Southern-most sealed racing circuit in the world. Lap Length is a mere 2.61km. Every effort has been made to make this circ...
Size 22,1 MB
Date 03.08.2010
Rating 8,50
Downloads 1271
[Details] [Download]
Turagua v1.3
Turagua (Autódromo Internacional "Pancho Pepe Croquer" de Turagua) GTR2 conversion of the rFactor Track Turagua by Manuel Pazo - Conversion and editing by gobi - Textures by Ricardo Werther - Cameras by Patrik Ramirez - LOD by Taku Featur...
Size 17,0 MB
Date 02.08.2010
Rating 7,50
Downloads 1105
[Details] [Download]
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