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Downloads » GTR2 Track Road » Roebling Road Raceway v1.1
Roebling Road Raceway v1.1
added by eSR Reporter on 17.12.2017

Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale Georgia USA for GTR2

created by jaapjanjoost

3.25KM / 2.02 Mile

Changelog :

Version 1.1 :

- Changed the corridor for AI car in the AIW so that the AI cars don't cut the corners and drive
on the gras

version 1.0 :

- Track released

Track-Infos :

Roebling Road Raceway, formerly Savannah International Raceway, is a 2.02-mile (3.25 km)
road racing course located just outside Bloomingdale, Georgia. Opened in 1959, Roebling
Road is relatively unique amongst racetracks in that it lacks any accommodations for
spectators; there are no grandstands, no picnicking areas, nor any other sort of viewing facilities.

The track was designed by John Rueter and held its first Sports Car Club of America event
June 11–12, 1960. The track was financed by and named after SCCA supporter Robert Roebling,
great-grandson of John A. Roebling.

Roebling Road hosts events more than 300 days a year. Events range from media, pro teams
testing cars, club racing, and performance driving education events. Club races include the SCCA,
the BMW Car Owners Club of America, the Porsche Club of America, the North American Sports
Car Association, and the Vintage Drivers Club of America.

The track is used by cars, motorcycles andWKA karts. The PBS television series MotorWeek
records its winter track-testing segments at Roebling Road.

The track is a very safe and forgiving track, making it ideal to learn on. It is characterized by large
amounts of run-off room and only a single wall.

Roebling is unusual in that it is owned by a local racing club, the Buccaneer Region of the SCCA.[3]
Roebling is a not-for-profit, non-spectator oriented track.[citation needed]

Roebling hosts several driver's education oriented events each month. The format varies with
the hosting organization. There are relatively expensive events where the organizers provide high
performance cars and, there are significantly less expensive events where drivers bring their own
cars. As drivers work their way up in skill level, they are allowed to drive on the track "solo".
[Source Wikipedia]

Install the track inside your GTR2 folder:

The GTR2 track is conversion from the rFactor version made by Andy55. I thought it would be an
easy conversion, but it turned in a complete make-over based on youtube video's with a new pit

Also the AIW is completely redone as it was only a basic AIW with some serious problems.
However I copied 1 to 1 the racegroove as it gives a nice flavour to the track surface.

Happy racing @ Roebling Road Raceway,

Preview :

Filesize 24,0 MB
Downloads 298
Date added 17.12.2017
Comments 0
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File Infos
Game GTR2
Type Permanent RC
Author jaapjanjoost
Version 1.1
Format WinRAR








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