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Downloads » GTR2 Misc » New car reflections including paint and glass v2.1
New car reflections including paint and glass v2.1
added by eSR Reporter on 15.08.2010

New car reflections including paint and glass v2.1 by BariCZ


- Normal power reflections ( suitable for almost all mods and cars )
- Less power reflections ( suitable for GTL-GTR2 mod by scca1981 and other mods with
lighter masks textures)
- Old reflections v2.0
- Balanced body masks for following cars and mods:

- Ferrari 550
- Ferrari 575
- Chrysler Viper
- Lamborghini Murcielago
- Maserati MC12
- Nissan 350Z
- Chevrolet Corvette C5R
- Lotus Elise
- Mosler MT900

- Audi R8GT ( Audi Sportwagen Mod v1.0 )
- AUDI RS4 ( Audi Sportwagen Mod v1.0 )
- AUDI RS4 V8 ( Audi Sportwagen Mod v1.0 )
- Porsche 997 GT3RSR ( Porsche Carrera Cup 2006 V2 )
- Porsche 997 GT3RSR ( Porsche Supercup 2008 v1_1 )
- Audi R8GT3 ( TRC Audi R8GT3 LMS v1.0 )
- Audi R8GT3 LMS ( TRC Audi R8GT3 LMS v1.0 )
- VW Scirocco ( VW SCIROCCO V1.1. )


New reflection textures tries to emphasize car body curves. Another important aspect of
these textures is, that car paint is now affected by sun position which cause overbright
when illuminated by direct light, also as illumination by low altidude sun. This brings
more realistic look, mainly in TV replay cams.

Changes in v2.10:

"Hard" white reflects from v2.0 were reduced, sky & clouds reflections were highlighted.
Textures were color balanced for more natural blue atmospheric touch. Also some cars body
masks were balanced to fit better.


Just copy GameData folders into your GTR2 directory and let overwrite. For uninstalling
just delete installed files.


No original files will be overwritten. This addon will not cause any online missmatches.

Usage Disclaimer:

- You are permitted to install and use this mod for personal entertainment purposes only.
Any commercial or public uses are strictly forbidden without written Permission from the

- It is forbidden to convert or modify any part of this mod, use it as part of another mod
or releasing any patches without PERMISSION of the author.

Special thanks to 6e66o who helped me to understand some obscurities. Images taken with
normal reflective version.

Enjoy ;)

Jan Baros alias BariCZ (C)2009

Filesize 12,5 MB
Downloads 2013
Date added 15.08.2010
Comments 1
Recommend File
Rating ø 6,50
2 Vote(s)

File Infos
Game GTR2
Type texture-update
Author BariCZ
Version 2.1
Format WinRAR









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