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download problem
1 post - Carwasher
I tried to download some cars like the lexus is f or bmw m3 and others but i cant download anything, there is some problem i cant to download them.

Hope you could help me

Best regards

Beitrag vom | post from 17.10.2015 - 14:46
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   should work now

215 posts - Semi-Pro Driver
hi Samuel,

it works now, the webserver needed to be restarted,


Beitrag vom | post from 19.10.2015 - 04:47
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1 post - Carwasher
i seem to be having this same problem. whenever i click on the blue arrow button to download a file, it opens and closes a tab and nothing happens. no download is started and i am not directed to any other pages. this happens on every file i try to download on this website.
Beitrag vom | post from 27.08.2016 - 08:32
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9 posts - Carwasher
Can you fix the download section please. The links take you to advertising and then unsafe websites. This is a bad image for what was a great place to download files for GTR2 nää
Beitrag vom | post from 12.10.2016 - 15:51
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   how to

215 posts - Semi-Pro Driver

for me it works fine, i have tested it with Chrome and Firefox - just click on the download icon or direct-link from overview, look on the top right and wait 5 Seconds till the counter shows "Skip this Ad" and click on it - the download window should open now.

sometimes there will pop-up in the middle of the advertising a window with "ok" or "cancel" where you have to accept something so that you can not click on "Skip this Ad" on the top, so you have to click first on "Cancel" in the middle that you have again access to click skip.

make also sure that you do not run an external (tool) adblocker, this can also cause your problems...

tell me if it works,


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9 posts - Carwasher
Thanks =SIGI= I turned off some AdBlocker and it worked but this one is still a problem It's for the Mission Raceway Park v1.0 track for GTR2/ Any chance you can post the link to Media Fire, thanks again. top
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