Baku 2016 v0.9

Baku 2016 for GTR2


GTL Conversion by : philrob
GTR2 Conversion by Azagthoth

I thank philrob who kindly gave me the permission for the conversion of its GTL version to platforms GTR2 & Race07.

Conversion & improvements :

– LOD created by philrob
– Adding rain

I know some other things are still missing, I will try to complete it.
Please notify if you miss something, I only tested it in time attack.


Do not forget to thank also the original author philrob, without his work of realization, this circuit would not be available.

thanks to:

SimBin for GTR2
SimGarage 3DSIMED

updates :

philrob : converted Marek Adamus rFactor Baku track to GTL with these modifications in 2017:

– lowered/removed shadows
– changed numerous object lods
– removed many HAT=TRUE settings from objects
– removed lots of incorrect object COLLISION settings
– new track lighting
– new skies
– material names changed to GTL standard
– GDB, AIW and TRK files changed to GTL standard
– new loading screen
– added grid walk
– added GTL start/pit lights
– road grids now effect car (slightly)
– eased back some concrete barriers (had been giving AI a hard time)
– new road textures, to match RFE enhanced RF1 version(lighter)
– added GTL bump and specs to roads
– changed horizon
– Bias changes
– added GTL track groove alpha, as it did not exist in RF version.

i have set max AI to 20 the AIW says more but they are more stable at 20, you could raise this.
better FPS and smoother running now, but could still be improved, 3d models are very heavy.

updates July2017 :

– some road materials renamed
– TRK file road marking collisions and heights changed, no more bumpy corners and odd lumps on straight.
– Track and Rumbles bump and lengths frequency changed
– some road marking removed
– opened all garage doors
– further changes to TRK,AIW and GDB files
– added Losch’s AIW for better AI behaviour
– amended TRK file with Losch’s extra tree removal, for better FPS


Size: 136 MB
Version: 0.9
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