Melbourne GP Albert Park v1.2

Melbourne GP Albert Park for GTR2

Updated by derDumeklemmer and gobi

In advance of the upcomming F1 opening (and so our 911 supercup) we noticed serious FPS issues with current version.

Update Version 1.2 by derDumeklemmer/ gobi :

* Startlightfix
* Grid and AIW for 36 cars with improved cutwarnings
* Animated Marshals

Version 1.1 by RacerM :

I first want to thank Frank BR. who first converted this track from GP4 to Rfactor. Frank gave me the permission to convert the track to GTL and a I have also converted it to GTR2. Please read the original Rfactor readme for Franks Credits.

If you have version 1.0 please delete it and install this one.

I want to thank Neel Jani for his update and upgrade of v.1.0 to v1.1. Neel was responsible for installing the rain reflections, converting the gmts from GTL to GTR2 and repacking and also some texture work. Thank you Neel – his work is always top shelf.

the loading screens and icons are by Rip from his collection.


* Working starting and pitlights
* Working AIW and Pace Car
* Rain Reflections


– no Track Marshals

I have tried for sometime to learn how to install track marshals and am still working on it. I decided in the meantime to release the track and how that you will enjoy it. If you have any fixes to this track please contact me in RSC or NoGrip forum and post them so I can include them in the next release. If you are able to install the marshals please do the above.


You can post this file on your site as long as the original content and readmes are included in the file.

Thank you.



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Version: 1.2
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