More realistic patch v1.0

More realistic patch for GTR2

Note :

this is not an official Simbin patch !

works only for GTR2 default cars !
use at your own risk !

mit diesem selbst erstellten patch soll GTR2 angeblich realistischer zu fahren sein – macht ein backup von euren original dateien bevor ihr die files einfügt !

with these self created patch GTR2 should be supposed driving more realistic – make a backup of your original files before installing !

die infos zu dem patch habe ich aus einem forum – i found these infos to the patch in a forum :


Like every normal driver, I test GTR2 2 weeks ago, and my surprise was big, after 2 corner, I press exit, and look if I’m really in Simu Mod. OMG, Yes. I can’t believe it so, I decide to look the files of the game to understand why the game is so arcade.

After a short time, (because the problem is the same in the demo and I did also a patch for the demo). I decide to make a big improuvement on GTR2.

My point a view about it, is not to say GTR2 is bag or Simbin work bad, the only thing is to make the game more Real. So I think my patch is more for league who want to organise real FIA GT Championship, with realistic physics.

So sorry to tell to every body, who think GTR2 is a simu, it isn’t, but I propose to you a solution. So I think I can say, if a game is real or not, because I drive on Motorsport on hight level, and I still have very good contact with some ingeneer who confirm my point of view on GTR2 compare to real car. This is why I decide to give to everybody the Patch and not only for some friend of some different League.

So I will try to explain what I did for you.

– First thing: The slip curve of the tyre. So now you can’t drift anymore.
– Second thing: I reduce the grip of all tyre (same calcul for all), to have a correct lateral and longitunal G, compare to the real car. (in corner or on braking…)
– Third thing: I correct engine, to introduce the revs limiter, so now, when you forget to shift, it’s PAPAPPAPPAPA… (very nice hihihi)
– Forth thing: I remake all the view of all the car to have a bigger window.( More up, more down, more front, more back, to fix your position in car)

So now you just have to test, I think it’s better to make a second install of GTR2, because after install patch you will have mismatch on internet.

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Version: 1.0
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