Mugello v1.1

Mugello for GTR2

Updated by Shaun Field (GT_VIRUS)

Fully working conversion for GTR2

Includes :

* Working Rain Reflections
* Working Track Marshals
* Updated Materials
* Working Start Lights
* Other Small Changes

Any bugs feel free to email me at (no spam please).
Look out for my next track, a (admittadly flat) scratch-built track.

Orginal Readme’s below

Mugello Conversion V_1.1 for RFactor by Ferrari27

* Working pit and start lights
* Dynamic Shadows
* Some texture updates

Track Infos from Wiki :

Mugello Circuit (Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello) is a race track in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, Italy. Its length is 5.245 km (3.259 mi). It has 14 turns and a long straight (1.141 km (1,247.813 yd)). The circuit stadium stands have a capacity of 50,000.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing host an annual event here (MotoGP and smaller classes). Also, the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters hold an annual event. The track is property of Scuderia Ferrari which uses it for Formula One testing. The first race of the A1GP 2008/09 season was originally planned to be held at the Mugello circuit on 21 September 2008. However, the race had to be cancelled due to the delay in building the new chassis for the new race cars.

Installation :

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the trackfolder into your
GTR2\GameData\Locations directory – done.

Thanks to :

MaTi for safety car fix
Laser for loading screens
PeterV for some texture clean up
MotorfX AIW guidance
FrankBR and Surveillance141 for getting me started
RSC forums for general help and assistance
Gmilno for permission to convert

Original GTR ReadMe and Credits :

Mugello for GTR v1.0 (Converted by Gmilno)

This is a conversion of the Simbin Circuit for GTR2

– The track has a 50+ Startgrid…
– Rolling starts…
– Pace car…
– Pitlights…

All DDS Textures…

Credits :

Simbin for GTR/GTR2
Locutus for his GTR tools
Oleg for Zmodeler
Vince Klortho

Hope you enjoy it



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Version: 1.1
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