Porsche 991 GT3-R v1.8

Porsche 991 GT3-R for GTR2

Cars for the GRID GT / GRID Prototypes Mod
(but can also be installed and driven as standalone)

Model : Porsche 991 GT3 R (991) 2016-2017
Series : IMSA / IWSC
Classes : GTD


Original Mod created by WES for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion by Zumlee
GTR2 updates by GT Italia Modding Team
Internal Cockpit by Kunos Simulazioni from Assetto Corsa
Skins created by dafizzner, silentgun & the_racer
Motec by scorpyo
Special thanks to GPFan


Car Infos from Wiki :

In May 2015, Porsche announced the release of the 991 GT3 R, a customer race car designed to compete in Group GT3 from 2016 onwards. The car is homologated based on the 991 GT3 RS road car, and uses the production car’s 4.0-litre flat-six with around 500 bhp (370 kW), running through a six-speed paddle-shift sequential gearbox. The GT3 R features a double-bubble roof, and a wheelbase which had been lengthened by 8.3 cm. Engineers also “significantly optimised” the centre of gravity position versus the old R, using carbon-fibre composite material (CFRP) for the roof, front cover and fairing, wheel arches, doors, side and tail sections as well as the rear cover. All windows – and for the first time ever, the windscreen – are made from polycarbonate to cut weight. Race car essentials such as an integrated (welded) roll cage according to FIA Appendix J, safety fuel cell (approximately 120 litres, with fuel cut off safety valve in accordance with FIA regulations), removable roof escape hatch and an air jack system are present. The weight is 1,220 kg (2,690 lb).

The GT3 R has adopted the concept of the central radiator from its 911 RSR big brother. By eliminating the side radiators, the position of the centre of gravity is improved, the radiator is better protected against collision damage, and the venting of hot air through louvres in the front cover is enhanced. The two-metre wide rear wing lends aerodynamic balance and distinctive wheel arch air vents on the front fairings increase downforce at the front axle. The GT3 R’s front MacPherson strut suspension and multi-link rear suspension are adjustable in height, camber and toe, and there are adjustable anti-roll bar blades at both ends. All wheel hubs come with centre-lock wheel nuts. There are two separate brake circuits for the front and rear axles; driver adjustable via a brake balance bar system. The front brakes consist of six-piston aluminium monobloc calipers gripping 380 mm discs; the rears are four-piston items with 372 mm discs.

The Porsche 911 GT3 R is priced 429,000 Euro excluding country-specific taxes.

change-log / updates – reworked by SiGi :

Version 1.8 (May 2018) :

i have added / converted a better, more detailed internal cockpit from AC.

specific updates on internal cockpit :

– converted cockpit parts and made all adjustments for GTR2
– cutted some unneeded, not visible parts
– remapped some parts and added / created partly new textures
– reworked all texture settings
– created new chassis
– added new safety nets and win protection
– added original MoTeC created by Scorpyo
– added rainscreen
– created team banners

other updates :

– re-saved / named wheel part textures and reworked some texture settings
– splitted headlights (left-right for more detailed damage effect)
– reworked backfire
– splitted rear wing holder from boot and merged it with rear wing
– added new collision and reworked shadow file
– added new damage file
– created new CAS file
– reworked CAR files
– added new ambient shadow by GTR233
– and some more i can’t remember…

Note for missing sounds :

this car use the same sounds like the GRID GT Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Evo.
i haven’t added this sounds into this package to save webspace.

if you haven’t installed this car yet you can get it here :
GRID GT Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Evo

furthermore the car use the Transmission Sounds from the GRID GT Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
wich you can get here :
GRID GT Porsche 997 GT3 RSR

Deinstall / Install Instructions :

i recommend always to DELETE FIRST any previous versions of this car / mod to prevent crashes / mismatches !

for that, navigate into your “GTR2\GameData\Teams\GRID_GT\…” directory and delete the complete folder “Porsche 991 GT3-R Teams” – done.

to install, extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

no original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Recommended Addons for this mod :

4GB Patch for GTR2
Alternative Effect Sounds
HD Gloves & Driver Suits by BariCZ

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

good entertainment


Size: 39 MB
Version: 1.8
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