Porsche 997 GT3 RSR v1.3

Porsche 997 GT3 RSR for GTR2

Cars for the GRID GT / GRID Prototypes Mod
(but can also be installed and driven as standalone)

Model : Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 2008-2010
Series : ALMS / LM / LMS / IMSA
Classes : GT2


Mod created by GT-Italia Modding Team
3D Model from NFSS2 by EA Games
Original GTR2 Conversion by Scca1981
New wheels added by scorpyo
Engine Sounds created by Simtek / GTR2 Conversion by TrulliTrain

Skins by :

the_racer – giaserg – CS21476895 – rosicky10 – alex_speed

Car Infos from ultimatecarpage.com :

The Porsche GT3 RSR launches into the new model year with extensive modifications. The most powerful race car based on the Porsche 911, which last year scored wins at the 24 hour races of Le Mans and Spa as well as overall victory at the Nuerburgring 24 hours, competes in the GT2 class at international long distance races. The most distinguishing feature of the new GT3 RSR is the front end which received major improvements to the aerodynamics. The majority of innovations however are hidden under the weight-optimised body.

Aside from the easily recognisable additional spoilers on the front apron, so-called flicks, an optimised air ducting with newly-designed side air outlets generates more downforce and reduces drag. The rear end including the rear wing was taken over from the predecessor. Extensive changes to the suspension kinematics increase mechanical grip considerably. The range of possible suspension set-ups was broadened.

The 3.8-litre boxer engine of the GT3 RSR remains unchanged apart from slight improvements to details. It delivers 465 hp (342 kW) at 8,000 revs per minute and delivers a maximum torque of 430 Nm at 7,250 revs. The rev limiter of the efficient six-cylinder kicks in at 9,400 rpm.

uch of the know-how in the GT3 RSR’s totally new gearbox has come from the RS Spyder sports prototype. The sequential six-speed unit, developed by Porsche engineers, is considerably lighter than its predecessor. Internal friction was substantially reduced. The flat angle of the drive shafts allows teams a wider range of suspension set-ups.

Aside from the GT3 Cup and the GT3 Cup S, the GT3 RSR is the third race car based on the Porsche 911 offered by Porsche Motorsport. Thirty-five units of the fastest and most powerful long distance racer made in Weissach, apart from the exclusive RS Spyder sports prototype, are now being produced and delivered to customer teams around the globe. The price of the GT3 RSR is 349,800 Euro plus VAT.

change-log / updates – reworked by SiGi :

Version 1.3 (October 2017) :

updates on internal cockpit :

– added a new, more realistic cockpit from Porsche Mobil Super Cup 2011 created by GSMF for rFactor, taken from the GTR2 Version by JCM@cedo.
– created new chassis
– added cockpit mirrors (doorside) from original cockpit
– reworked MoTeC : added new bg textures, corrected peak light position and added revlimiter and fuel warning light)
– reworked texture settings for cockpit windows
– added GT Flashlight (only visually, from eSR SCGT Series by LeeJr)
– reworked rainscreen (position and animation)
– created windows banner (only one for all teams since there is no more free cpit slot)

other updates :

– created glass for external mirrors
– added new collision and shadow file
– added new damage file
– reworked texture settings for wheels and added default GTR2 tread textures
– reworked CAS file
– reworked .car files
– added new sounds and adjusted .aud file (from GT3 SoundPack by TrulliTrain/Simtek)
– and some more i can’t remember…

Deinstall / Install Instructions :

i recommend always to DELETE FIRST any previous versions of this car / mod to prevent crashes / mismatches !

for that, navigate into your “GTR2\GameData\Teams\GRID_GT\…” directory and delete the complete folder “Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Teams” – done.

to install, extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

no original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Recommended Addons for this mod :

4GB Patch for GTR2
Alternative Effect Sounds
HD Gloves & Driver Suits by BariCZ

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

good entertainment



Size: 68 MB
Version: 1.3
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