Dessauer Rennstrecke v2.01

Dessauer Rennstrecke for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ZWISS

The real track:

The WWII was over and the people of Dessau searched for a track of racing. They found a place on the Autobahn between Berlin and Leipzig. The first race was in the year of 1949 with 160000 spectators on the track. One of the best driver’s in the 50’s was Paul Greifzu. He won AVUS, Halle-Saale-Schleife, Stadtparkrennen Leipzig, Schotten-Rennen, Autobahn-Spinne Dresden and Osthafenkurs. He also had great positions at Eifelrennen, Sachsenring and Schauinsland.

The next race was on May 10th 1952 on the Dessauer Rennstrecke, but he had a bad accident in the practice session of the F2-race. A crank-shaft had broken, the engine stopped immediately and the car gone head over. Paul Greifzu was dead, a sad day for the German motorsports. Today the Dessauer Rennstrecke is an important Autobahn between Berlin and Leipzig/Dresden.

The virtual track:

This track was made in 2001 for Grand Prix Legends by Andre Streu. I can not say how much admire these track making pioneers. Nowadays he calls himself f1_edition, and recently he brought his track to GT Legends. He granted me permission to convert it to GTR2.. so here we are 🙂


– added rain reflection
– fixed AIW (pace car, fuel use, time trial)
– added more marshalls
– added bumps to roads
– added gridwalk
– added shadows to some objects
– corrected GDB file (sky, ligthning, etc..)
– GTR2 LODS by die_Locke und FrankBB

v2.01 update by Team PBB :

– fixed start lights


– original track for GPL by f1_edition (Andre Streu)
– conversion to GTL by f1_edition with assistance from McWolf (motivation), Greybrad (AIW), CY-33 (objects), Thomas Lächele (textures)..
– GTR2 LODS by die_Locke und FrankBB

Have Fun!



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Version: 2.01
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