GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch v16.0.16

GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch v16.0.16

created by GTR233 & Friends

this bundle includes the complete and current GTR2 16th Anniversary PATCH including Hotfix 16.0.16, created by GTR233.

This patch was released in 4 single parts on racedepartment. so that you don’t have to load and search for all parts individually, I created this bundle. The patch is untouched and original – I just put all the parts together in a rar file and also put the included ReadMe file outside so that you can access it faster before installing without having to unpack the whole patch.

If you need support, it is best to ask the author on the respective release pages on racedepartment. The patch was published on the following sites:

GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch Part-1
GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch Part-2
GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch Part-3
GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch Hotfix 16.0.16

Another important tip for the Installation:

first create a new, clean GTR2 installation, without patches, as described in the included installation guide. Make sure that you change the GTR2 main directory to "Drive of your choice:\GTR2HQ" – the installer normally specifies the path "C:\GTR2". So you have an independent installation for the HQ patch, and if you have one, your existing GTR2 installation will not be overwritten.

When unpacking the patch, make sure that all files are completely unpacked into the new GTR2HQ directory, otherwise the patch will not work.

Important : FIRST unpack the patch 16.0.0 into the GTR2HQ directory, THEN the hotfix 16.0.16 – after that you can start the patch with the GTR2_Setup.cmd.

I consciously point out that I did it wrong the first time and unpacked the patch into a different directory and executed it – that didn’t work ^^

Read the included installation instructions carefully and go through these steps as described – then everything should work. The patch has been tested and has received positive feedback from many (see on racedepartment).

Another note regarding the anti-aliasing graphics card settings with the included Nvidia Profile Inspector:

I tried the Diabolo III profile as described in the instructions – however, it doesn’t look good for me in the game – I have unclean, slightly flickering edges with it. I use an MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with a resolution of 2560×1440 (QHD).

If I set the shader level to auto in GTR2config.exe and set full-screen anti-aliasing to level 4, it looks much better.

But it looks best if I adjust the Nvidia 3D settings specifically for the GTR2 application – the options given there are also more understandable from my point of view. If you’re having trouble with the Inspector, give this a try.

Regards, SiGi

Patch Description by GTR233 :

My name is Paul (aka GTR233) and I started to make GTR2 skins many years ago at nogrip by creating HQ content like HQ AMBIENT SHADOW, HQ LENS FLARE, HQ HEADLIGHTS, HQ RAIN and HQ HUD… Time passing, I have met a nice sim community (Arthur, ArmedLightning, David Wright & DucFreak, derDumeklemmer, DurgeDriven, leon_90, NeelJ, Philipp, Scorpyo, Shovas, syhlif32, …so many good people that I just cannot list all but I always write name in credits when I get some help or use someone else work) who gave me advices and helped me to make GTR2 better. Back in 2015 syhlif32 (aka Bjarne Hansen) told me : “next year GTR2 will be 10 years old so a 10th anniversary patch with all your updates will be smart”… and the GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch was born, of course at the very beginning it was just a single archive made with all the HQ MODS I have released then, along the years, I have added more and more HQ textures and fixes to make this ultimate GTR2 patch today : GTR2 16th ANNIVERSARY, LONG LIVE TO THE KING !

SPECIAL THANKS to all people who worked for Blimey! Games & SimBin Sweden : David Wright, DucFreak, Doug Arnao, Mark Reynolds, Eric Boosman,… and the big bosses Henrik Roos & Ian Bell for having made such a legendary sim !

Developped on Dell Inspiron 531 Athlon64x2 5600+ (dual core 2.8GHz) 6Go RAM with nvidia 9800GT 512Mo.

This GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH represents 6 years of work (nearly 20 000 FILES!) and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 plus tons of HQ textures. There are 2 games in 1, first the default 2003-2004 game with stock cars and tracks which get only few textures updates, second the HQ Cars&Tracks (with “HQ” prefix in menu) which get ALL the fixes/patches, more HQ textures plus exclusive graphics (both 2D/3D) : indeed, my will is to keep original game untouched to avoid online mismatch on internet and to see all the work done so far in this HQ Anniversary Patch when you compare both.

Included HQ MODS :

-> DucFreak’s GTR2 UI MOD HQ Anniversary v14 : nicer 16/9 UI with triple screen support (only basic tweak to avoid CTD, GTR2 HUD will be stretched so disable it and use XD plugin instead), available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Hungarian). Plus pit chief audio translation for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Russian.

-> GTR2 HDR Skies v10.0 : nice 6e66o & Hudson Kerr skies reworked with HDR effect in 2k/4K, plus night skies I have made in collaboration with ArmedLightning, and HQ moon/sun.

-> GTR2 HQ AI Talent v6.0 : better AI Talents (for GTR2 cars only), these tweaks will not be applied to 3rd party MODS you can install afterward because most of them won’t use these drivers, keep in mind it is only talents drivers tweaks here. I mean there are many other AI tweaks in other files like AIW/GDB/HDC/TYR (patched in HQ Cars&Tracks) and PLR by example.

-> GTR233 HQ BRAKES v3.0 : realistic brake disc/caliper/discglow skins in higher resolution.

-> GTR2 HQ Cars&Tracks v16.0 : better cars & tracks physics/graphics/AI tweaks with advanced patches/fixes.

-> GTR2 HQ CARS SOUNDS v2.0 : added brake (Jandri)/skid (Fred_as)/horn/external tranny sounds & fixed overlapping sound issue when needed.

-> ArmedLightning-GTR233 HQ HEADLIGHTS v8.0 : nicer headlights (LASER WHITE+YELLOW) patched to fix halo glitch that you can see on default headlights.

-> GTR233 HQ HUD v7.0 : new head-up-display skin available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Hungarian).

-> GTR233 HQ LENS FLARE v10.1 : nicer sun effects in higher resolution (max effects around 5-6pm).

-> GTR233 HQ MARBLES v2.0 : now you will really see marbles on track side in higher resolution.

-> GTR233 HQ MASERATI 4200GT SAFETY CAR v5.0 : more detailed safety car skin (2003).

-> GTR233 HQ PIT & START LIGHTS v3.0 : better start lights (F1 style).

-> ArmedLightning-GTR233 HQ RAIN v19.0 : nicer rain effects in higher resolution. Note that tracks lighting needs to be tweaked to get maximum water effect : by example, as in real, you cannot see your opponents in long straights when you are behind them with HQ Tracks at 100% rain.

-> GTR233 HQ SCREEN DIRT v11.0 : dirt effect with smooth transitions in higher resolution. Note that there will be less visible dirt on windscreen than stock game in order to make layers transitions quite invisible laps after laps.

-> GTR233 HQ SUITS 2018 v2.0 : nice MOMO-SPARCO suits/gloves/shoes, and HQ pit crew/marshalls.

-> GTR233 HQ TREAD v4.0 : more detailed tire tread in higher resolution (WITH GRAVELS). Now every compound skin is different on contrary to stock game which shows same skin for all rain compounds.

-> GTR233 HQ TEXTURES MULTI-PATCHES v25.0 : patches for bugs/glitches that official patch v1.1 did not fix, plus many HQ textures.

-> GTR2 UIAssets Patch v3.0 : removed FNTCMOTM.BMP to allow to skin LCD. Note that this tweak is not directly visible but it unlocks motec skins.

-> GTR233 HQ AMBIENT SHADOW v4.0 : smallest second shadow under cars in higher resolution. By default the shadow is too large and exceeds car body which is on contrary to optical laws.

-> GTR233 HQ BACKFIRE v4.0 : reworked flames on exhaust (RED-BLUE version).

-> HK-GTR233 HQ CUBE MAPS v8.0 : better detailed car/track reflections in higher resolution with nice Hudson Kerr clouds.

-> GTR233 HQ FOV DEFVIEWS v16.1 : no more in car headlight flickering at night and FOV choice. Note that textures flickering will depend on both the track used and the ClipPlanes : HQ Tracks have got less flickering than default because higher ClipPlanes show less flickering.

-> GTR233 HQ MIRROR v1.0 : rear view mirrors in higher resolution.

-> ArmedLightning-GTR233 HQ SMOKES v5.0 : better dust & smokes effects in higher resolution.

-> GTR233 HQ SPARK v7.0 : more detailed sparks effects in higher resolution (SPARK & STARS version).

-> P.Boese-GTR233 HQ Dynamic Clouds v1.0 : wonderful dynamic skies (HIGH track detail 1 layer – FULL track detail 2 layers).

Disclaimer :

This is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and all of the content is provided free of charge “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, use it at your own risk : authors will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of files included in this mod. You are permitted to install and play this mod for personal home use only, any other uses are forbidden. It is forbidden to convert/modify/distribute any materials, or use it as part of another mod without authors written permission which cannot be ceded to a third party. This is not a 10TACLESIMBINBLIMEY!GAMES product. The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

for more infos, credits and install instructions please see the included ReadMe files.



Size: 1,25 GB
Version: 16.0.16
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6 Thoughts to “GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch v16.0.16”

  1. bmw328is

    Is this really worth deleting my game and starting over? I have a few hundred cars and at least 100 tracks that I would have to reload.

    1. @bmw328is

      If you run the patch in a GTR2 installation with many addons, some things will no longer work afterwards – so I would definitely not do that! Unless you know the game well – but even then it will be tedious as many original files will be overwritten/replaced. If your game is running well and you’re happy with it, you don’t need the patch.

      The patch is actually only intended for a complete new installation. It upgrades the standard cars and the effects/texture updates are pretty nice too.

      I e.g. don’t need that, because I prefer to drive the more current or high-quality mods and tracks, which look much better anyway, and I only drive in SIM mode in cockpit view without HUD, so I don’t need all the modded things , since I switched them off anyway – I open the XD tool at most to check the tire temperatures / wear.

      Otherwise, I have Xenon Headlights (for better night vision), HD-Skies and the Alpinestar Driver Gloves and Suits from BariCZ installed, that’s actually enough for me.

      But you also have to say that some performance / fps are lost due to the many updates. But that shouldn’t be a problem for newer hardware.

      1. bmw328is

        Thanks. I’m old and prefer driving the older cars from the 60’s and 70’s so I’ll leave this alone.

    2. blackskull101

      You can have multiple installations of GTR2 – you just have to use the nocd patch for every one of them.
      You can make a new clean install, apply the nocd (that makes the game “portable”) and put mods there without touching your existing install. I have separate installs for some specific mods.
      Good idea is – after making a new install apply the nocd and before anything else make a backup copy of that vanilla gtr2 (for example as a rar or 7z archive) then every time you want to make a new install you just need to extract that archive instead if a real installation.
      !!! But if you have more than one GTR2 install on your PC you must start every gtr2.exe and gtr2config.exe always as administrator and compatibility mode for Windows XP, othrerwise they will not work.

  2. TheShadow3501

    Would you recommend to Download the Complete files, or would you recommend to download the Patch only. Because i am stuck at version 15. Something.

    1. @TheShadow, as far as i know, all previous updates / versions are included in this patch – i.e. a current all-in-one patch (see also the included change-log file)

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