GTR2 HQ FIA GT 2005 Season Addon v6.1

GTR2 HQ FIA GT 2005 Season Addon

arranged and reworked by GTR233

HQ Cars & Tracks 2005 Season Addon for GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v16

Note :

this mod requires an installation of the GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v16. Make sure, that you have installed this patch, otherwhise the FIA GT 2005 Season Addon will not work correctly !

This Mod includes the FIA GT 2005 Season Cars and Tracks – the original Mod was published by GTR233 in 2 parts on the following sites :

GTR2 HQ 2005 Season Part-1
GTR2 HQ 2005 Season Part-2

Mod Description by GTR233 :

>>>>>>>>>> GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v16 minimum IS REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS MOD WORK <<<<<<<<<<

Please read END-USER LICENCE AGREEMENT (GTR2_HQ_2005-FiaGT_Mod_EULA.txt) carefully before using this software. By installing or using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA.

This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v21.07 so you need at least v21.07 to extract archive without errors (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) : (I recommend to NOT download ALPHA versions, leave them to devs)

Disk space requirement : 925 Mo

No stock files will be overwritten
No online mismatch

Description :

2005 FiaGT Mod for GTR2 : 75 cars, 11 races championship, Spa 24H single event
2005 Italian GT Mod for GTR2 : 37 cars, 8 races championship, Monza 24H single event

Extra liveries : Sometimes a car has got a specific livery for a specific location (imola, spa, dubai, etc…), these extra skins are available into GameDataLocations2005-FiaGT_TRACKNAME2005-FiaGT_TRACKNAME.GTR and they are loaded automatically when you select these 2005 tracks from menu.


– select Gillet Vertigo and monza 2005 then go to showroom expo : you can see the default livery
– now change track to spa 2005 then go to showroom expo again : you can see the specific Vertigo spa livery
– and so on…

NB: after changing track location, you need either to go to showroom expo or to change car spinning model in order to reload skin in memory.

Last Changelog :

v6.1.0 >>>>> GTR2 HQ Anniversary Patch v16 REQUIRED <<<<<

– synced with Hotfix v16.0.14
– removed monza hut in the air at monza
– fixed magny-cours second LG tower mapping
– fixed stroboscope effect on some external cams
– fixed sun/moon position
– updated AI
– reset SteeringFFBMult value for direct wheel drives
– various improvements

Installation :

– New clean GTR2 INSTALL required!!!

– download and install GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH split in 3 parts : YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE 3 PARTS FIRST THEN YOU CAN EXTRACT 7z.001 ARCHIVE where your GTR2.EXE is located (overwrite ALL)

part-1 :
part-2 :
part-3 :

– download and install GTR2 HQ 2005 season addon PART 1 (Cars Pack) :
Overwrite GameData folder

– download and install GTR2 HQ 2005 season addon PART 2 (Tracks Pack) :
Overwrite GameData folder

NB1: not compatible with previous versions !!! So delete any previous versions before installing this new one.
NB2: when you restore a saved game in championships, if the cars are going crazy (jumping or suicide) then you just need to clear previous session memory by hitting “ESC” key then select “RESTART” and press “ENTER”, things will be fine again.

Uninstallation :

Either go to GTR2 directory (VISTA/7/8/10) or right click on GTR2 directory (XP) and search for *2005-FiaGT* then select and delete all files found by windows search(check and click IGNORE all files if error message shows up)
Do the same with *2005-ITA-GT* tag (the joker symbol * is absolutely required for search)
and you’re back to stock

Disclaimer :

This is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and all of the content is provided free of charge “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, use it at your own risk : authors will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of files included in this mod. You are permitted to install and play this mod for personal home use only, any other uses are forbidden. It is forbidden to convert/modify/distribute any materials, or use it as part of another mod without authors written permission which cannot be ceded to a third party :
– JorritVD for 2005 original mod v1
– LeSunTzu for 3D enhanced 2005 models from FFSA GT 2005 mod
– Racers Modding Team (RMT) for DBR9 & Trofeo from WSGT MOD v1
– EnduRacers Modding Team for Spyker C8 GT2-R from Endurance Series SP3
– GTR233 for HQ MODS and updates
It is not in any manner sponsored or endorsed by FIA or any of the teams that took part in the FIA GT championship.
The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM :
This is not a 10TACLESIMBINBLIMEY!GAMES product.


Credits from v1 by JorritVD :
– 10Tacle/Simbin
– andrea90 ITA
– arefra aka TopGun
– ArnoldWong
– Carval
– Dragaan
– EdOg
– Exbird
– GT-Italia Mod Team
– gt-racer
– ibyte_dk
– Melo_RFR
– Nimbis
– Olisoft
– PHR420
– Salvador Torres
– SCGT/SSM/The Heather
– Supertouring
– Taku
– the Psy
– Uam
– Wallix

Credits from v2.x to v5.x :
@GR0 for advices on GT3R & kind permission to use 996 GT3R-RS stack dash mod
Albe89 and Theor89 for 2005 italian championship
AndreasFSC for new vauxhall hood/bumpers, F550 analog gauges update & Viper back plate update
Apocalypse19 for kind permission to use his ryan hooker skin
Art for Silverstone rain reflections, RSR/TVR/Vauxhall updates, new GMT brakes and new GMT ARMS with 2 shoes
Astreon for his nice fonts from MFD tweaks (2009)
Barry (aka barryg) for kind permission to include GTR2 REBORN MOD by IRG (2011) and NAPmod tyres fix
Bentley Speed 8 for kind permission to use #170 Ice Pol Racing 996 GT3 RSR skin
BillBro for reworked silverstone international AIW
Culmone67 & for HD track textures
derDumeklemmer for Oschersleben startlights fix, Bahrain updates, Istanbul updates, Misano updates, and Hungaroring updates
drr6 for extra liveries 05002/05003/05069/05086
DutchDevil/Zero-G/Thunderchild for Vallelunga
EMG-Danny for Hungaroring
EnduRacers Modding Team for Endurance Series SP3 Spyker C8 GT2-R (merci à Klo-che & Vevex pour la permission)
Fred_as for kind permission to use his HD track backgrounds
GT_VIRUS/Ferrari27/Gmilno for Mugello
GTR233 for updates/fixes & HQ Cars&Tracks/HQ MODS COLLECTION
Gwaldock for help with spyker
GT_VIRUS/Ferrari27 for Mugello
Jon Denton & AutoSimSport for NAPmod tyres (2006)
JorritVD for kind permission to use FiaGT2005 mod v1.0
LeSunTzu for kind permission to use FFSA GT 2005 mod :
Maxellero for #12 Larbre Spa skin, some AIW fixes, Spa tents fixes and Hungaroring updates
motorfx for kind permission to use Silverstone track
NeelJ for Istanbul Park and Magione conversion from Relesys
Oversteer for his Real Dash Mod (LEDs and fonts)
Philipp for advices/help, P996 updates and kind permission to use P996 mods/fixes
racerm for Bahrain 2010 conversion from CTDP
Racers Modding Team (RMT) for WSGT mod (thanks to Wim at BSIMRACING.COM for kind permission)
Renato Simioni for improved tyre slip curves in RaceOn
Scca1981 for kind permission to use his vauxhall base
Scorpyo for driver arms GMT, nice DTM2018 showroom floor and MC12 colored LEDs
Shovas for advices/bug reporting/beta testing and kind permission to use his PLR FFB tweaks
SIDstalker for kind permission to use his nice DTM2018 showroom floor made with Scorpyo
SilverSYlph for kind permission to use 2005 Spyker skin
SimBin/Blimey!Games for GTR2
Stepy for Misano
Syhlif32 for advices/beta testing/bug reporting, F575/Mosler cube maps fix
TheNewBob for advices and silverstone 2005 videos
zumlee for kind permission to use corvette C5R 24h headlights fix & 996 GT3R-RSR stack dash mod
zwiss for kind permission to use Sakhir 2005

beta test/feedback/advices :
Alex1911, alexmezza, Apollion, bobwilliams, Chronus, Crimson764, DurgeDriven, ezracikgu, GP STONER, Mach77, Miguel Batista, Peto007, Philrob, PiotrGT, RaceLM24, revar, rmi_wood, Street Racer 77, sunalp2, templarnot4, The Iron Wolf, tobiaspetry, TzZyO, vondutch51.

– 3DSimED by Dave Noonan

GTR233, HQ original idea and all HQ content © 2006-2022, All rights reserved.

Size: 613 MB
Version: 6.1
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