Bill2’s Process Manager v3.4.4.0

Bill2’s Process Manager Multi Core Tool


This tool allows you to run GTR2 (and of course other applications) on multiple CPU cores.

GTR2 only uses one CPU core, since single CPUs were still standard back then. However, since almost everyone uses at least dual or quad-core processors these days, it makes sense to run older applications on multiple cores as well, since this increases performance.

How to use the tool with GTR2 ?

Very simple – execute the Bill2s-Process-Manager-3440.exe and install the tool – then you can start the tool in the system tray in the taskbar or in the Windows menu.


Click on “Manage group and rules” in the tool, then on “Add Rule” at the bottom of the next window and then select the GTR2.exe in your directory – then check “Set affinity” and mark the number of desired ones cores with which GTR2 should start – preferably with all available cores (for dual-core 2, quad-core 4, etc.) – then click on OK and you’re done.

As soon as you start GTR2, a message and a sound signal should appear or be audible in the lower right corner of the desktop – so you know that it worked and that GTR2 is now starting with the selected number of cores.

In the game you should now notice that you have significantly more frames or performance (of course also depending on the graphics card and RAM).

The tool works fine for me on Win10-64bit. It’s also in the autostart of Windows, so you don’t have to worry about it afterwards – of course, the settings can also be changed at any time or uninstalled again without any problems.

Tool Infos from Developer Website :

Bill2’s Process Manager

Version :
RL-Date : 30.10.2014

Description :

With Bill2’s Process Manager, take control of your processes, make the most of the possibilities of multicore processors and improve the responsiveness of your PC.

Bill2’s Process Manager is a free software running on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven (32 and 64 bits), intended for machines equipped with several processors
and/or multicore processors. (Intel Pentium4D/P4D, Core2Duo/C2D, Core2Quad/C2Q, Core i7 and AMD X2 or Phenom for example).

With Bill2’s Process Manager, managing affinity becomes child’s play!

* Bill2’s Process Manager offers you a management of your processes much more complete than the Windows task manager!

* Bill2’s Process Manager allows you to create rules to indicate with which priority a program should run, and which processors or cores (affinity) it can use.
In addition, these rules are automatically saved, and transparently applied when a relevant process is detected.

* With Bill2’s Process Manager, you can therefore, for example, create a rule so that a program such as Folding@home runs on the 2nd core of your CPU,
thus leaving core 1 totally free for all your usual tasks.

* “I do the same thing with Task Manager!”
Yes, but Task Manager does not save your preferences, and does not reapply them automatically!
With Bill2’s Process Manager, the next time you start your PC, all your rules will apply again without your needing to intervene!

* You will also be able to manage games that cause problems with multicore processors, and launch them on a single processor without having to worry
about managing them.

* Bill2’s Process Manager gives you precise control of your system
Depending on the state of the processes, you can perform different actions, such as automatically starting or stopping other programs.
The possibilities offered are numerous, do not hesitate to test them!

Feel free to check out the full list of features.

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