GT1 Legends v1.01

GT1 Legends for GTR2

created by Scorpyo and friends

Version : 1.01
RL-Date : 21/3/2020


Description :

This wasn’t planned to be released yet as I still have to add some more cars and tweak few things here and there but considering current situation with corona virus and the fact that more and more people are forced to be closed inside houses I think that we modders should release our WIP stuff to at least try to put some smiles on people’s faces…

Some cars from this mod were released previously but those included here are completely redone and IMHO much better then those available before.

Intall Instructions :

To make sure that you don’t get CTD I strongly advice to install my version of HD FP driver suits as some cars in this mod have custom driver suits and use driver style 00 in genstring.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use my driver suits make sure that you open every .car file and change each driver style entry 00 to anything from 01-09.

I have checked packed files in fresh GTR2 install and didn’t get CTD with any of the cars so they should work in your GTR2 installs too.

Update for Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 :

Just overwrite original .cas file with one from this download

Instead of 100% accurate physics my goal was to get the cars which are fun to drive and competitive to each other therefore you can choose to drive any of the cars, stat from the back of the grid and still finish first after some 25 laps. Sometimes sooner sometimes later in the race but first place is always reachable.

As usual with my mods, if someone want to release a realistic physics for those cars I won’t complain.

update by SiGi, January 2023 :

– added / included required talent files by Scorpyo
– added original ReadMe’s for talent files

i put all the talent files needed for the mod into a new gtr file called SCORPYO_GT1_TALENT.gtr. The gtr file is linked to the respective CAS files, so no extra installation is required. This means that the original BariCZ HD Driver Gloves and Suits files will not be overwritten if you use them.

If you like the revised talent files from Scorpyo and would like to use them for all mods, simply unzip with GEditor all the files contained in the SCORPYO_GT1_TALENT.gtr into your GameData-Teams directory.

good entertainment

Size: 357 MB
Version: 1.01
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3 Thoughts to “GT1 Legends v1.01”

  1. izz848

    I came back to this mod after being updated… my 2020 isnt that bad

    thanks to this mod

  2. fadhle

    the game keeps crashing when i choose mclaren f1 or mercedes clk 🙁

  3. Beco1

    Very nice indeed and thx so much! Just remarking, not complaining nor demanding but couid there be a lil issue with the rear window of the Mercedes CLK!? Looks a bit weird for me, completely dark as if there is none. However these cars are legendary and a musthave. Great work! 🙂

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