Peugeot Quasar 1984 v1.1

Peugeot Quasar 1984 for GTR2

Mod created by Georges Abitbol
(contact : user secarnot on the nogrip forums)

This mod is made from scratch and only uses GTR2 original materials.

Car Infos :

The Peugeot Quasar is a concept-car presented in 1984, it’s a 2 places coupé with a futuristic design (for that time!). It has a twin-turbo 4Cyl engine (close to the one of the GroupB winning 205 T16). The real Quasar is exposed for visitors to see it at the Peugeot Sochaux’s Museum in France.


Unpack with winrar. Copy the “Gamedata” folder into your GTR2 folder, answer yes if asked for confirmation.The mod does not overwrite any file.


If you don’t like to see reflects on the window in cokpit view, unpack the file “ClearWindows.rar” after install (it will overwrite the mod .car files). This option is matching GTR2 standards (see genstringDetails.txt)


See included KnownIssues.txt file for known differences with the real car, known gliches and unperfect things.

Change-log :

v1.0 : initial release

v1.1 :
– fixed sound issue (missing tw files added)
– fixed rpm display issue (limit set to 8900rpm to have red light displayed)
– fixed clear window bug ( genstring number switch from 3 to 4)
– templates included


You can use or modify all materials of this mod the way you like as long as it’s for free.
Selling this mod is forbidden. You’re free to distribute the mod or convert it to any other game (I won’t do such conversions myself).
If you make a release using this mod partially or totally then I will be glad to be notifyed about it.


Size: 43 MB
Version: 1.1
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2 Thoughts to “Peugeot Quasar 1984 v1.1”

  1. pj_fur

    hey i was wondering if u still have the model because i rly need it super bad

    1. Abitbol38

      Hi, what do you need exaclty ? the mod or the mesh file ?

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