Alpine Hills v1.21

Alpine Hills for GTR2

Conversion for GTR2 by CreamK, BenMK1 and Goresh

Fantasy road course.

250m of elevation
55 corneers, 27 left, 28 right
Up to 36 players Online

Inspired by the Great Alpine Road in Australia, the track it self located somewhere in Europe (Germany, Italy or France, you can choose).

Track layout reminds of the great haydays of the 60’s; Spa, Le mans, Machwerk…

Normal everyday rural roads, no safety features; you wreck, you die.. Ditches that can suck you in or give you great slingshots around tight corners. Blind turns, fast flowing straights separated by very twisty, almost asfalt rally sections. Exactly the kind of road i would want to drive fast without speed limits…

Enjoy! Any kind of feedback is truly appreciated:

Thanks to Erik Tveit for betatesting, miniak for help, Tomppa for quickest lap and the rest of for providing test servers and feedback.

Huge thanks to BenMK1 for major AIW rework and Goresh for rain reflections and both for additional fixes. Couldn’t done this with out you guys, true proof that simracing community rules!


1.1 Initial version, had lots of bugs and no AI racingline
1.11 Fixed track crashing
1.12 AI racingline optimized, rainreflections added
1.13 Better AI, fuel consumption fixed, filesize optimized
1.2 AI racingline improvements
1.21 AI racingline improved, final release


Size: 52 MB
Version: 1.21
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2 Thoughts to “Alpine Hills v1.21”

  1. Kennett Ylitalo

    Just dropped in to say thanks for hosting this. I’m the author of this track and this place seems to still host a download link. So. thanks for keeping it alive. I don’t know if even i have a copy left..

    1. shovas

      Cool to see you thanking the site for hosting the download. Thanks for creating the track!

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