A1-Ring v2.0

A1-Ring for GTR2

inclusive Mountain Texture update created by fred_@s

About the track :

The A-1 Ring is an updated and re-designed version of the famous Österreichring. Located in the green uplands of the province of Styria, a triangular area of Austria, bounded by the cities of Vienna, Salzburg and Graz. The track is full DX9 compatible, with complete multitexturing and lighting. Rainreflections and animated objects are added to the track.

Instalation :

Just extract the rar to ur GTR2\GameData\Locations folder and start up
GTR 2 to play it.

Known isues :

– none

New in v2.0 :

– new pit and road side objects by Thunderchild
– new textures and background (yes that are the Alps) by Thunderchild
– fixed trees that popped up
– fixed funky reflections in the rain
– fixed the illimunating objects at night
– better Spec and bump mapping
– and maybe some more stuff I forgot that was updated


– Conversion for GTL/GTR 2 by DutchDevil and Thunderchild
– Textures by Thunderchild
– Converted from Genhis99 A1 ring V1.3 for rFactor wich was converted from Addon.fr’s A1Ring for GTR
– Mr Ingall for helping me understand the rain reflections and some more GTR2 stuff

Have fun !


Size: 27 MB
Version: 2.0
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