A1 GP Mod Season 2006-07 Skin Set v1.0

A1 GP Mod Season 2006-07 Skin Set for GTR2

A1 Grand Prix 2006-2007 Season Skin Set

Addon for the A1 GP Mod Season 2005 v2.0


created by Matt Power Racing

Greetings, Thank you for downloading.

This skin set represent the 2006/2007 or “Second Season” of the A1 Grand Prix series.

I initialy put this skin set together only ever intending to use it myself to get another season
of racing out of one of my favorite mods for GTR2, A1 GP Mod Season 2005 V2.00 by Fool_1njection.

I figured I would post it for download so others may do they same, and hopefully they are happy with it.

Many of these cars have only had minor details changed and in some cases no changes at all.

Some of the cars I painted from scratch but have used various logos from the original car set.

Same, same with some driver helmets.

I would very much like to thank Fool_1njection and all the people who were involved in creating the original content for this mod.

Please view the read-me files that they have enclosed with the Mod for more information


All efforts were made to contact the author of the original cars and the A1GP2005 mod that they came with, unfortunatly no contact was made and so I have NOT received permission to edit or post edited versions of there work and I understand that I may be required to remove this download if they so choose. Thank you.


The MOD A1 GP Mod Season 2005 V2.00 IS required to use this skin-set.

Simply extract the 06/07 skin set into the A1GP teams folder.

Note :

No new ‘SIM’ file is added as the mod comes with the required lines of text allready.


Size: 9 MB
Version: 1.0
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