Avus DTM 90s v1.0

Avus DTM 90s for GTR2

Track created by Andre F1-Edition

Background information :

The Avus is a public highway on the outskirts of Berlin. The track layout shows the race track at the beginning of the 1990s. The track length is 2.639 km and has a long straight followed by the south curve of a double chicane and the northern curve. The best opportunities overhaul there are in the south curve (which also often ends in a crash) and the northern curve (when the opponent was too fast and the inside lane to overtake releases).

Construction workers of the track for GTR2 :

The track layout is from Peter Kuhn with approval by Alfredo Martinez.
Some 3D objects such as the Funkturm, the Mercedes-tower, including the main grandstand were placed with the permission of Jimi-46. The rest was put together by me in this variant of the Avus what 3DOs concerns, textures, CAM and AIW.

Bugs :

How could it be otherwise, even here there is a problem.
A standing start works fine, but the AIs didn’t like a flying start. During the formation lap crash the AIs into the chicane, if a flying start is desired, it should be skipped the formation lap.
Actually there is no error, but the race track was released only for day racing, so it is very dark at night.

Test computer:

The race track was tested and developed on an out modern 🙂 iP4 3GHz with ATI Radeon HD 4670 at a resolution of 1024 * 768.
The field was limited to 36 cars, which is at the hairpin and the chicanes also the maximum.

Installation :
Please unpack the ZIP file into the GTR2 target directory or rather copy.


SimBin Studios for the great racing sim GTR2.
Peter Kuhn and Alfredo Martinez for the implementation of the Avus for GTR2.
Jimi-46 for some of Berlin’s prominent 3D objects.

Explanation :

The race track was developed for GTR2 and I expanded visually and technically.
The download is only permitted on the website of GTR4U.DE should be the path where to download differently, notify me. Please Ask whenever changes are made.
Conversions to other platforms and driving games are not permitted without prior agreement!

(c) Juni 2011


Size: 68 MB
Version: 1.0
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