Lexus RC F GT3 2017-2020 v2.2

Lexus RC F GT3 2014 for GTR2

Addon-Car for the GRID GT / GRID Prototypes Mod

reworked by SiGi


Mod created by Triebie
GTR2 Conversion and revised by Irontower
Some Physics Files by ilu2404
Skin update by futzi80
Skins created by Mezmaryse, rafaelcordeiro182 and schumi07ga
Engine Sounds arranged by speedster63 for his Cadillac ATS-V.R GT3 Mod
Internal Cockpit from ACC by Kunos Simulazioni

for more infos see included “ReadMe Lexus RCF GT3 by Irontower.txt” file

Mod Infos :

Model : Lexus RC F GT3 (2014)
Engine : Toyota V8 3.5L
included Teams : 2017-2020
Series : IMSA / IWSC / Blancpain / VLN / SGT300
Classes : GTD / PRO / SP8

This is an Addon-Car for the GRID GT / Prototypes Mod 2006-2012 v2.0

Note :

this vehicle can also be installed and driven without the Grid prototypes mod.

Car Infos  :

In 2014, the LEXUS RC F was released as a high-performance coupe. At the same time the RC F was being developed, an R&D project to build an RC F GT3 car was begun.At the time, luxury brand manufactures around the world were already producing GT3 cars, and LEXUS was in need of a car that symbolized state-of-the art road performance.

Then, for a period of two years beginning in 2015, test participation was conducted in the SUPER GT series GT300 class races and also in GT races in Europe.

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change-log – reworked by SiGi :

Version 2.2 (November, 2022) :

This is a heavily revised version of the Lexus RC F GT3 by Triebie and Irontower.

The biggest change on this version is the internal cockpit, which i converted from ACC. The original cockpit was assembled from various parts from other cars such as BMW M6 etc. It was well done, but not really realistic. I have also adjusted many small details to improve this great car.

specific updates on internal cockpit :

– converted cockpit parts from ACC and made all adjustments for GTR2
– cutted a lot of unneeded, not visible parts for better performance / fps
– separeted rollcage from cabin for better texturing
– remapped some parts and added / created partly new textures
– reworked some texture settings
– created new chassis
– created new MoTeC *
– added mirror display
– added safety net, windshield and rollcage protectors
– added rainscreen

* i used as basic the Cosworth MoTeC, created by Scorpyo, from Aston Martin Vantage GTE

general updates :

– added animated position plates for IMSA and Blancpain (see Genstring Help) *
– created glowing white, yellow and Endurance headlights (see Genstring Help)
– reworked some texture settings
– resized, reworked and resaved many textures
– removed unused textures
– created new backfire
– added exhaust smoke
– added new damage file
– created new CAS file
– reworked CAR files
– created missing rainlights
– created expo floor
– added missing TechSpecs for Showroom
– changed default setup (brakes, tire pressure, gears settings etc.)
– added SGT300, VLN, GT Open and Blancpain Series Teams from default Mod by Irontower
– added 24h Emil Frey, Gazoo and Lexus Skins, posted by kk08 on EEC Forum
– added new body shadow (better anti-aliasing)

* taken from BMW M6 by GT-IMT and from the ACC GT3 2019-2020 Mod by saschalolxd

…and many more that I can’t remember…

Sound Notes :

All required sound files are included in this mod.

Recommended Addons for this mod :

4GB Patch for GTR2
Alternative Effect Sounds
HD Gloves & Driver Suits by BariCZ

Deinstall / Install Instructions :


if you have installed a previous version of this mod, DELETE IT FIRST as i have renamed some folders and .car files !

for that, navigate into your “GTR2-GameData-Teams-GRID_GT…” directory and delete the complete folder “Lexus RCF GT3” – done.

to install, extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

No original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

good entertainment



Size: 73,7 MB
Version: 2.2
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