BMW M3 V12 LMR EP v2.1

BMW M3 V12 LMR EP for GTR2

Mod created by -Raiden-

RSM Performance Engineering BMW M3 V12 LMR Experimental Prototypes V2.1

also included :

* McLaren F1 Longtail Sounds by Jon Hillenbrand

Under the hoods of these M3s work two 6,1L V12 engines of the type BMW S70/2 GTR LM // S70/3 GTR. Normally those engines give Power to the McLaren F1 LM and 1997 McLaren F1 GTR. The S70/2 GTR LM in the XP1 car has 680 HP @ 7800 RPM and 703 Nm of maximal Torque @ 4500 RPM. The weights 980 kilos. The S70/3 GTR in the XP2 car has 600 HP @ 7500 RPM and 624 Nm of maximal Torque @ 4500 RPM. In this specification the cars has a weight of 915 kilos.

Both cars have no problem reaching more than 330 km/h. I wasn’t able to reach the maximal Velocity on any track yet. Here a very special “Thanks” goes to Duke962 who “tuned” the cars on my request. IMO he has created physics which are quite realistic to drive. CAUTION ! This car is tricky! And it may influence your feeling of acceleration and speed in other cars. 😉

P.S.: These cars absolutely have nothing to do with the V12 MPower M3 GTR which was downloadable @


– added forgotten window banners to the archive

– Improvements on the existing Prototype skins
– Fix of installation problems concerning custom sound
– New optional custom sounds
– 7 completely new cars with special modified physics (more weight, so these cars aren’t much too fast for the normal GT cars)
– Custom interieor banners for all cars
– New BBS rims for some of the new cars
– Custom V12 LMR category for cup races
– New modified template for the V12 LMR

– first release


Just unzip into your GTR2 main directory. Everything will be placed correctly.


IMPORTANT : To use the new Sounds, you MUST have Jon Hillenbrand’s new McLaren F1 GTR Sounds installed. OTHERWISE IT WON’T WORK!

You can get those sounds here (free nogrip account required)

Then unzip the content of “CUSTOMSOUNDS.RAR” into your GTR2 main directory. Everything will be placed correctly.

I highly recommend installing the new sounds, because they give a much better feeling than the default V8 Sounds.


– Duke962 for his awesome performance
– SimBin for GTR2 and the M3 GTR model
– Learner Driver for his BMW M3 GTR ALMS-version template
– Jon Hillenbrand for his great V12 Sounds
– Spudmonster for his new BBS rims for the M3 GTR
– 111Speedmaster, Nemesis and all the other guy from the GTLP for testing and doing the weight modifications for the new V12 LMR racecars


Of course new skins for the two car versions are appreciated. But only if the original authors of the components are mentioned in relation to the new release.

Have fun with the cars,


Size: 18,4 MB
Version: 2.1
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