Cernes Wood v3.0

Cernes Wood for GTR2

Fantasy Track

Original Track created by Richard Neville for GPL
GTR2 Conversion by BillBro
enhanced by PhilRob

Thanks to:

Peter Prochazka for GPLTrk
Phil Flack for TRK23DO, MipMan, SrbMan, txt2gtk, GPLAnim, Sciss
Paul Hoad for GPL Track Editor
Christian Wohlfahrt for 123DO
Klaus Horbrand for WinMip
Anton Norup Sørensen for Graced
Dave Noonan for 3DOED
Strava for FB Adjust
Randy Riggs for Groove Editor
Joachim Blum for TrkCAMEdit
Francois Dubuc for GPL LP Editor
Nigel Pattinson for RpyToLp
Martin Granberg for the track installer

done by BillBro :

Per the readme included, it was built by Richard Neville for GPL.

I have no idea who converted it to rfactor. A member at another site asked for help with it for rfactor. It was pretty messed up, but I got it working. Then I noticed some other problems. Long story short, I started addressing them. Some time later, here we are.

I had to add xfinish.gmt, xsector1.gmt, xsector2.gmt, xpitin.gmt and xpitout.gmt objects. The .AIW was in a sorry state. It had no distance entries for either the entire track, or any sectors. So the .AIW was extensively modified. The textures looked horrible. Material settings were messed up. Objects were popping in and out, or disappearing before your eyes in some

I added start and pit lights, and rain reflections. The pits area had to be reworked as well.

There was an area near the approach to the tight corner at the far end of the track, relative to the pits, that had to have some terrain filled in. You could see a big hole in the terrain beyond the trees coming up the hill at the end of the long back straight, up to the previously mentioned corner.

I think there were some other things, but those are the major areas that I worked on.

Hope you enjoy it. It’s quite a fast track once you learn the layout.

Best wishes,


updats by philrob, 2015 june :

This is a makeover of Billbro’s great GPL conversion, done with his permission.
i have geographically located this fantasy track in Dorset, close to its namesake of Cernes Wood.

– removed hundreds of flashing/duplicate faces
– removed armies of GPL people
– added new speccys
– fixed normals on lots of objects
– replanted many many floating trees
– removed many GPL treewalls
– some new tree texures
– new road surface and edges
– changed fence and wall textures and also removed multiple fences
– removed all the GPL flaggers
– rescaled some textures
– added team trucks
– added trackside marshalls
– changed skybox for UK skyline
– corrected alpha groove(0.6400) max for live track(not included)
– changes to GDB and TRK files to GTR2 standard
– changed lighting and fog
– new gtr2 lod
– added tree shadows
– planted small bushes
– further infield terrain added
– few more TSOs
– road grip levels reduced under dense trees after crossroads


Size: 27 MB
Version: 3.0
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