Chatham Hills v1.0

Chatham Hills for GTR2

The orginal track:

This track was one of the 3 fictional tracks incuded with SPORTSCAR GT. This game was the first racing game by ISI and it was released in 1999. Here you find more about this lovely game : link

Chatham is a semi oval with a short road course section. Especially the dive into the second corner is very daunting. In real life it would be far to dangerous. As many I loved to race this track in SCGT and I was glad it was brougth to GTR2 by a lot of modders (see credits).

The GTR2 revamped version:

I started of with a version given to me by Philrob.
Remodeled the ‘spanner’ corners in 3DSMAX to make them more smooth.
Reduced the bump at the end of the oval section.. and then I couldn’t stop working on it 🙂
New tire walls, collision walls, new textures, new fences, optimising of the shadows,..
I tried to make it look better without losing the feel of the original track.
I hope for many this is the same nostalgia trip as it is for me.


Original track made by ISI for Sportscar GT
Conversion to rFactor by Bud Lucas
Track and Texture updates by rickylix
Additional AIW and texture updates by Cammel
Additional texture updates by Pain-Less
AIW and TRK work by Billbro
Enhancements (textures, mapping, many trackside objects) by Philrob
GTR2 style LODS & trackmap by FrankyBB



Size: 19 MB
Version: 1.0
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