Corvette Le Mans 1960 v1.0

Corvette Le Mans 1960 for GTR2

Mod created by JD 121449

The car can be single driven (installed as standalone) or together with the GTL-GTR2 Mod and SCCA Production Mod.

Mod-Info :

Here are the Corvettes from the 1960 LeMans race. The #3 car finished first in it’s class. I have tried to make them as close to the originals as possible using my somewhat limited talent. I have been working on this car for quite sometime but since I never had a template for it (still have’nt learned that yet) I never bothered to finish it. When MG421982 (Marian) released his version with a template, it gave me a reason to try to complete it.

I want to says thanks to Marian to allow me to use some of his work so that I could bring this car to GTR2 and GTL. Here are a couple of items that are important. This car is very different from the other version. It has a different CAS file, genstring and the file names are unique so there should be no conflict with any other version. There is a genstring explanation at the top of the car file. As it stands right now the top can only be a solid color which is controlled by the xxxxx_1960_LEMANS_CORVETTE_BODY2.DDS file, the default color is white.

The template from MG421982 may be updated at a later date. Also the center rear window section can be colored by the xxxxx_1960_LEMANS_CORVETTE_CPIT03.DDS file. The default color is gray glass. Also the basic color of the dash and interior can be colored by using the xxxxx_1960_LEMANS_CORVETTE_CPIT02.DDS file, the default color is a light aqua.

This does not change the seat color, but that can be done by using a custom CORVETTE_1958_BODY.DDS file (Recolor the seat part only) and place it in the car folder you want to change. There are also headlight covers that can be colored by using a xxxxx_1960_LEMANS_CORVETTE_WINDOWS.DDS file.

The default color for the headlight covers is white. The sounds are the same as MG421982 used in his mod, so if you can hear that car you should be OK, if not you will have to copy the correct sound folder to your GTR2 install. The physics were altered by me and the engine and gearbox also differ from the GTL version that was released.

If you want to convert this to GTL, that is OK by me. Be aware that I have sent the hardtops to Marian and he may add them to his GTL version.

However this file structure is totally different so there would not be a conflict. Lastly the car does not need any other mods to make it work, however the class line has it located in the 65-GTC class which was linked to the GTL-GTR2 mod. You can edit this line to put it anywhere that you like. I think that about sums it up. I hope you like it.

JD 121449

Car Infos from :

Losers hardly ever go down in history. At least go down in a good way.

But for every rule there’s an exception. To the best of our knowledge, this Ermine White 1960 Corvette was never first across any finish line. Yet it’s one of the most renowned Corvettes in racing history.

It’s because it was one of four across another line: the starting line at Le Mans in 1960, the first year Corvette competed at the 24-hour endurance race. Specifically, Number 2 was one of three campaigned by sports car impresario Briggs Cunningham.

Winning Le Mans was actually a means to a greater goal. Though ravaged by war, Europe sprang back with the most highly regarded sports cars of the time. The Ferraris and Talbot Lagos and even Jaguars would run off and hide from anything produced on American shores. Briggs sought to change that first in 1950 with not one but two Cadillacs, one re-bodied to resemble a blunted wing. They didn’t win but they went into the record books at 10th and 11th place, and into the hearts of the French fans who admired the team for its pluck.

The following year Briggs went on to establish a car manufacturing company that bore his name, Cunningham. (Incidentally, he referred to the models as C2, C3, C4 and C5 well before Corvette even existed.) Anyway, the prevailing objective was still a win at Le Mans under Yankee power (Chrysler Hemi at the time). But the gods never smiled on Briggs’ team. The best it did was fourth overall, which is respectable. But fourth is three off of first. For tax reasons, Briggs ceased car production in 1956. From then on he raced other makes, finding considerable success in Jaguars.


updates by SiGi for :

– added required files to run the car without GTL-GTR2 Mod


Size: 35 MB
Version: 1.0
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  1. bmw328is

    That car won its class at Le Mans in 1960. You could look it up.

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