Dijon-Prenois 2005 v1.1

Dijon-Prenois 2005 for GTR2

GTR2 Version by ZWISS

This might be the first ‘official’ release, but I’m not the one who did the actual convertion. A gentleman called ‘Dangerous Beans’ did the conversion at a time when converting from GTL->GTR2 was still considered very illegal. I decided to do an ‘official’ release (at last). Sunalp did already release Mondello and Zolder from GTL. I just released the other two.

The real track:

Dijon-Prenois is a 3.801 km (2.361 mile) motor racing circuit located in Prenois, near Dijon, France. The undulating track is noted for its fast, sweeping bends.

Built in 1972, Dijon-Prenois hosted the Formula One French Grand Prix five times, and the Swiss Grand Prix once in 1982. The first F1 race was run in 1974 on the circuit’s original 3.289 km (2 mile) layout; with lap times under the 1 minute mark, there was an extreme problem with congested traffic between the race leaders and the backmarkers.

Therefore, in 1975 an extension was added to lengthen the circuit as well as to reprofile many of its corners before the time F1 could return to Dijon in 1977. Although Formula One has not returned to Dijon since 1984, the circuit continues to be used today for minor, local races.

The virtual track:

This track was incuded with GT Legends by Simbin. It’s the 2005 version of the track. It has been around as a GTR2 conversion for a long time, but was considered illegal. Since Simbin’s last statement about conversions from older games, this track can at last be ‘officially’ released.

What I did:

– Just repacking a few bits and added the LODS by TAKU


– Simbin for the original track
– Dangerous Beans for the original conversion
– TAKU for his wonderfull LODS



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Version: 1.1
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