Dragster Mod v1.1

Dragster Mod for GTR2

Mod created by Supra4

How to use it :

The mod has it’s own car class which you can select in the “Class” tab of the car selection screen. Once you’ve selected the “Drag Racing” class, you’ll be able to select the cars. The cars will not be selectable in any of the normal classes, to prevent them from being used by the AI during normal races. Both cars have nitrous. Map the handbrake button if you wish to use it.

Update v1.1 :

Added support for the default classes, the Civic cup, the GTL-GTR2 mod and 2 more drag classes. Here’s the correct class references for those who want to make cars for this mod.

TOPF = Top Fuel
DRAG = Pro Stock
TUNE = Tuned cars

Skinners and modders are free to use these cars or any of their parts to skin/build other dragsters. Just put “DRAG” in the .car file’s class line and refer to the mod in your upload. Oh, and try to keep the cars competitive please.

as for tracks, I suggest downloading the Motopark drag strip and it’s AI and cam update.

Drag strip
Drag strip update

Installation :

Drag the “GameData” folder from this zip to your game’s root folder.



Size: 6 MB
Version: 1.1
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