eSR Classic Trophy 2014 v1.01

eSR Classic Trophy 2014 for GTR2

Mod created by SiGi for the eSport Racing Community and our online events on

full version inclusive sound files

Mod-infos :

The eSR Classic Trophy is a collection of historical race cars from the 1960s to 80s, devided in group 2 and 5. The driving physic, based on modern nGT chassis, is on all vehicles of a group
the same so that they can be driven in a fair competition.


Idea and Concept : Crawfish & SiGi
Realisation, Car-Conversion, adjustments, 3D work and updates by SiGi

3D-Models, Skins, Sounds and so on :

please see the included Readme files in the car and team folders.

Special thanks goes to all car-builders, sound-constructors and painters for their excellent work and also to SimBin for their fantastic Racing-Games !

Car List :

===> Group 2 :

* Abarth Fiat 1000 TCR
* Abarth Simca 1150
* Alfa Romeo GTA Junior
* Austin Mini Cooper S
* BMW 2002tii
* BMW 2800 CS
* BMW CSL 3.0
* Chevrolet Camaro II
* Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray
* Datsun 240 ZG
* Ford Capri RS 2600
* Ford Capri RS 3100
* Ford Escort RS 2000
* Ford Mustang ’65
* Ford Mustang Boss 302
* Lancia Fulvia HF
* Mazda RX-3
* Mercedes 300 SEL AMG
* Opel Commodore A GS
* Opel Kadett C Coupe / GT/E
* Pontiac Firebird TA
* Porsche 911 RSR
* Renault 5 Turbo
* Toyota Celica GT
* VW Golf 1 MK1
* VW Scirocco MK1

Technical Specifications :

Engine : 3.0L V-4
Power (KW) : 448 HP @ 8750 RPM
Power (PS) : 455 PS @ 8750 RPM
Torque (NM) : 410 NM @ 6250 RPM
Limit (RPM) : 9000 RPM
Mass (KG) : 1000 KG
Gearbox : 5-gear
Drive : Rear

===> Group 5 :

* BMW 320 Turbo
* BMW CSL Turbo
* BMW M1 Procar
* Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood
* Chevrolet Monza GTO
* DeTomaso Pantera LM / GTX
* Ferrari 512 BB LM Silhouette
* Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo
* Ford Escort II RS
* Ford Mustang Cobra II
* Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo
* Lotus Esprit S1
* Porsche 934/5
* Porsche 935 Turbo
* Porsche Carrera RSR Turbo
* Toyota Celica Turbo

Technical Specifications :

Engine : 1.7 Liter V-4 Turbo Charger
Power (KW) : 546 HP @ 8750 RPM
Power (PS) : 554 PS @ 8750 RPM
Torque (NM) : 468 NM @ 8000 RPM
Limit (RPM) : 8800 RPM
Mass (KG) : 1000 KG
Gearbox : 5-gear
Drive : Rear

Mod History / change-log :

12.08.2014 – Version 1.0
– initial release

16.08.2014 – Version 1.01

– renamed / corrected all .CAR-filenames to prevent online crashes
– Mercedes 300 SEL : corrections on CAS/CAR/GTR/GMT files (fixed online crash / error)
– Alfa GTA Junior : corrected sound-dropouts on fast down-shifts

changelog eSR Classic Trophy 2010 to 2014 (March – June 2014) :

* adapted all cars consistent to GTR2
* created consistent driving physics for all cars (chassis, engine, gearbox, suspensions, tyres aso…)
* adapted physical damage on all cars
* reworked CAS and CAR-files (adapted / fixed)
* added / activated MoTeC / Laptimer / Cockpit Warnlights (LEDs)
* added / reworked partly new Windows-Banner (Textures)
* completely reworked Engine and Effect-Sounds (AUD files)
* added individual showroom-textures
* added individual driver suits and helmets
* removed unused files
* and much more small improvments / adaptions / adjustments…

see, for more infos, the included Readme files in the explicit car-folders…

Deinstall / Install Insturctions and Settings :


If you have still Version 1.0 installed you should uninstall it first to prevent conflicts with the new version.

for that, start your GTR2 and select a standard class, eg :

Open Training – Car – Official (FIA GT 2003-2004)

now close GTR2, navigate to the directory “GTR2\GameData” and delete the following files :


navigate to the directory “GTR2\UserData\your Profilname\…” and delete the following files :


navigate to the directory “GTR2\GameData\Sounds\eSR” and delete the following folder :


now finaly navigate to the directory “GTR2\GameData\Teams\…” and delete this folder :

eSR Classic Trophy

done !


1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory
3) allow to overwrite ALL existing Files and Folders
4) done

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– there should be no conflicts with original cars or other mods

this is a full standalone version – no other files / mods are needed to run it

Graphical Settings :

The interior cockpit-view from the driver suits and gloves are adapted from colours to the high-res Textures from BariCZ, therefore i also advise to install it if you haven’t yet.

Download HD Gloves and Suits

i advise for the best view the following settings in game :

Details Driver Car = FULL
Details External Car = FULL

and under “Optionen – Graphic – Advanced” :

High Wheel-Details = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cars = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cockpits = ACTIVATE

Terms of Use :


The eSR Classic Trophy 2014 was exclusive created for our eSR League / Community, therefore it is ONLY allowed to offer this mod on !

This mod is password-protected – the password is only visible in the internal area of – It is not allowed to give this password away to unauthorized persons (non-league drivers) without explicit permission of an eSR Admin / authorized person !

by using this mod you accept the following Terms :

– NO USE in other Leagues / Communities except our eSR League !
– no use for commercial purpose / profit
– no Conversion to other Games
– no removal of content for other mods
– no changes on content and re-releases
– no public hosting (mediafire, rapidshare, clouds and so on…)
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

have fun,


Size: 1,24 GB
Version: 1.01
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13 Thoughts to “eSR Classic Trophy 2014 v1.01”

  1. Speed Demon

    Hi all,
    Great mod by the way, love the cars and sounds, though I have spotted a bug with the BMW 2002tii windscreen, looks like it’s covered in dirt the mirrors are fine, anyone help with this… as the rest of the cars seem fine…

    1. joeschmoe

      Just tried the Tii’s, windscreens appear ok. If you’re still have the issue, try unchecking VISIBLE WINDSCREEN in the ADVANCED Options page or you could just comment out the DIRTSCREEN section of the cas file, just put a coupe of slashes in front of these lines….
      // {
      // }
      This will keep the dirtscreen from loading at all though……….

      1. Speed Demon

        Thank you I will try this, I do have the Power & Glory 3.2 mod installed… would that be the issue?
        Just asking as I’m no expert…

        Thanks again!!

  2. osho

    Impresionante Mod!….Merci!!

  3. blackskull101

    This mod is great, I’m having a lot of fun with it, but there’s one problem – on most of the tracks my tire temp rises too quick and sometimes I get a flat tire even on the second lap.
    It’s the same no mater slicks or rain tires. Tried some setup changes, but no success.
    Anybody has any ideas how to fix that? Thanks in advance.

    1. hello blackskull,

      the load on the tires depends on many factors in GTR2, such as driving style, temperature, car weight, Setup (such as tire pressure, steering wheel angle, camber aso.), controller (digital or analogue, steering wheel or pad) and also grip and condition of the track.

      Basically, the soft tires are suitable for fast lap times, i.e. qualifying, but not for longer racing distances. If the soft tires overheat, just use the medium ones, they should fit.

      With the help of the XD Tool you can closely monitor the tire temperatures and wear. The ideal grip is at about 80 Grad Celsius (176 degrees).

      In the mod folder under “Extras” you will find a good basic setup, just try it 😉

      1. blackskull101

        Hello eSR-Reporter,
        Thank you very much, the setup file solved the issue!
        Yes, I use XD and before it showed the tires dark red only several seconds into the first lap (especially on oval tracks), but now with the eSR basic setup tires have normal temps and everything works fine.
        Thanks again!

  4. emerez

    Fantastic mod, but there’s a problem with 3 of 5 Ford Capri Turbo (missing texture or similar).
    When load a race SOMETIMES (if those specific cars are in list) it crash… How to solve?

  5. duhdu1987

    Link 403 forbidden

  6. Frr35h

    Cannot unzip the folder. No password online here anywhere unlike the ESR Clio mod.

    1. hello Frr35h,

      you do not need a password for extracting – i have repacked and re-uploaded the mod including the sounds without password some months ago. if you have the older version with protection the password is : BuRn0uT8317


      1. Frr35h

        I think I do because I downloaded the files separately. My laptop failed and I just rebuilt it an I’m trying to reinstall all my mods. Still having issues with some mods where the cars won’t load the models in the menus (not any ESR mods), and when I select them the game attempts to load the race but just crashes.
        Thanks for the password!

  7. simspeed_racing

    So many cool cars and liveries in this mod and they are great fun to drive even if the physics are not real. The sounds are fantastic too

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