F1 2008 Mod v1.6

F1 2008 Mod for GTR2

Mod created by Po911

inclusive all updates & Extras

includes :

– F1 2008 Mod v1.4
– F1 2008 Valencia update v1.6

Extras :

– alternative .gdb file
– avdvanced F1 Menu + Cams
– more frames patch
– setups

all-in-one package arranged by SiGi for eSport-Racing.de


F1 2008 Mod update v1.6 for GTR2
Grand Prix of Europe / Valencia Street

– Cars update for valencia race
– Small Tyres update (temp.)
– Change the valencia track for valencia_street in championship

Install :

extract the rar-file with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder
to your GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite when asked – done !

Have fun

Mod History :

Mod Formule 1 2008 for GTR2 v1.4 by PO911

Realized from the MOD Rfactor “F1RFT 2008 for rFactor”
***See below for the authorization***

Physics by Po911 and a few elements from the mod F12007 by perfectdark

for more infos see included Readme’s…


to make the wheels visible in game do the following :

open the file “your-nickname.plr” in the Location GTR2\UserData\your-nickname\ with an editor (for example notepad) and change the line 281 to :

Wheels Visible In Cockpit=”1″

(default is 0 – dont forget to save it after changing !)

you will find the line under [Graphic Options] or use the search-function in the Editor –

search for “Wheels visible”


Version 1.4 (11/06/2008)

* cars dragging on ground solved
* new tire file

It works also with the F1 2008 Patch more fps v1.1 by xammyboy

version 1.3

Modifications by 6ecko :

1* all backfires are working…
2* rainlights are working
3* work on steering-wheels.
4* legs in cockpits

Modifications of cars in GP of Barcelona :

1* new front on Ferrari
2* front-wheel-covers on Honda
3* front-wing on Honda
4* cockpit on Renault
5* front-wing on Williams
6* front-wheel covers on Redbull
7* rear-wheel-covers on Toyota

physics modifications :

1* more susp. adjustements
2* BMW engine
3* setups for tracks
4* new tyres (wear and heating rate)

version 1.2 the 16/04/2008

* add of wheel covers
* fix of mirror-inverted view in cockpit by 6ecko
* fix of Williams FW30 (CTD)
* physic updates (McLaren engines, Renault aso..)
* add of draf effect
* fix of sounds (tyres, effects)
* new talents and images by nigave
* texture updates (skins, helmets, body, racing suits)
* new tires (higher abrasion & temperatures, less grip)

version 1.1 the 29/03/2008

* backfires and motec are working
* new Sterringwheels for BMW, Honda, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Williams, Toyota
* add Kameras on motor
* add Massa’s Helmet
* add Drivers arms on wheels
* add Disk brakes
* add Brakes calipers

version 1.0 (24/03/2008 – initial release)

This MOD includes/understands 22 Formulas 1 of the season 2008
All the elements of these cars were reproduced:

– Body, pilot, helmets, tires, …
– Physics (suspensions, models of tires,…)
– Engines, limp speeds

Thes is still work to do on some Motecs, backfires,…

It also includes/understands the championship 2008.
Circuits in question must be found on the Net by using the “tracksF12008.txt” included in the mod


You are not authorized to use whole or part of this MOD without our permission.
In all the cases, that would be sympathetic of your share to inform us at least.

Can you also indicate to us if you give our MOD in remote loading or if you have
a bond on our site (to have a sight on the diffusion).You use this MOD at your
own risks.

We are not responsible in the event of problems or of damage.

Any modification made later on on this MOD will be placed at the disposal of
all community (include us).

In a more general way, this MOD cannot be used at commercial purposes


Size: 395 MB
Version: 1.6
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3 Thoughts to “F1 2008 Mod v1.6”

  1. HGT Jean

    Bonjour! Comment faites-vous pour afficher la représentation de la voiture avec toutes les températures (pneus, freins..) svp? Je serai intéressé; juste excellent pour faire de bons réglages!

  2. ivancustodio

    Hey everyone. I downloaded the mod, it’s amazing! But on the cockpit camera the tires look bigger than normal and slicks, without the stripes. Does anyone know what can it be? Any video configuration?

    1. Huno

      try re-installing the mod also try using directx-8 or directx-9

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