F1 2016 Mod v1.2

F1 2016 Mod for GTR2


Original Mod created by F1 SL 2016 Team for F1 Challenge 99-02
Models by Codemasters
GTR2 Conversion by jojo30

Mod-Infos :

hi, i started to convert the mod from F1 SL 2016 for F1CH99-02 with permission and all credits
to staff F1 SL 2016. many thanks for permission and many thanks to brunera for helping me to
get the permission.

updates :

– fixed suspensions for Williams
– fixed copkit camera for Sauber
– fixed Ferrari driver
– new suspensions for Force India
– reworked Ferrari (new body, suspensions and rims)


v1.2 – reworked by SiGi, September 2017 :

– added all updates by jojo30 (listed above)
– reworked CAS file entries (especially for detachables parts and missing splitter parts for cam 2)
– created new damage file and improved collision file (position)
– added missing backfire amount entries in .aud files
– reworked all sound files (.aud) and removed unused .wav files
– reworked .car files (eyepoint, camera, seat positions, model and team names)
– added missing 3D drivers for Haas and Williams Teams
– corrected gmt settings for helmet visors (transparency)
– added new mirror texture (deformed presentation)
– added this ReadMe
– and some more i can’t remember…


#foogallery-gallery-3740 .fg-image { width: 100px; }
Size: 379 MB
Version: 1.2
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3 Thoughts to “F1 2016 Mod v1.2”

  1. blackskull101

    Tested both Ferraris (in practice & race) with vanilla GTR 2 v1.1.0.0 non-steam [with nocd] – everything works fine, no ctd.
    I’m also using the 4-gb patch, probably without it there would be ctd’s.

    1. GTV6scottF

      Thx, yes, just tried clean install, non-steam, nocd and works fine, I had installed on top of HQ patch 2005 season, thx!

  2. GTV6scottF

    Hi, First of all great mod, thanks to the authors.

    It works brilliantly except for the Ferrari’s – if you select a Ferrari, it CTD after track load screen. Any suggestions?

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