Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R v1.1

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R for GTR2

Credits :

Mod & Skins by Ron123
Model by MS Forza
reworked by SiGi

includes 5 different body kits, each with one team

Original car only has 215 bhp which I thought was too slow for this so I made a more powerful engine – the original 215bhp engine is in the files if you want this then rename it. If there’s an American who can edit the specs to a more original Mustang please do and upload.

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (also known as SVT Mustang Cobra, SVT Cobra, or simply as Cobra) is a muscle car/pony car model that was built in model years 1993 through 2004 by Ford Motor Company‘s Special Vehicle Team division (or SVT, for short). The SVT Cobra was a high-performance version of the Ford Mustang, considered as top-of-the-line as it was positioned above the Mustang GT and Mach 1 models during its era of production. On three occasions, the race-ready, street-legal SVT Cobra R variant was produced in limited numbers. The SVT Cobra was succeeded by the 2007 Shelby GT500.

1995 Cobra R

In the wake of the ’93 R’s unexpected success, SVT engineers developed a more powerful R-model based on the 1995 Cobra. Top priority became addressing customer requests for a larger, more powerful engine and more fuel capacity. In response to those requests, SVT replaced the Cobra’s 5.0 L V8 with an SVT modified version of Ford’s 5.8 liter Windsor V8, re-engineered to produce 300 horsepower (220 kW) and installed a 22-gallon fuel cell. To handle the torque of the more powerful engine, a Tremec 3550 5-speed manual transmission was installed. See also 5-speed T-5 manual. Again, weight-savings was targeted, so there was no back seat, radio, power windows/seats or air-conditioning—not even fog lights, which were omitted to provide ducts for getting cool air onto the front disk brakes. Heavy-duty progressive-rate springs, thicker stabilizer bars and a front strut tower brace helped improve handling on the racetrack. The 95 R available only in white with saddle cloth interior, each with a unique center-tiered fiberglass hood tall enough to clear the engine and induction system. Only 250 vehicles were built; Ford kept 18 examples for it’s press and engineering fleets.

Unlike the 93 Cobra R, one could only obtain a 95 R if they held a valid competition license (or owned a race team). This provision was added after Ford discovered that most of the 93 R’s that were sold ended up in the hands of collectors. Nevertheless, several 95 R’s found their way into collectors’ hands.

Version 1.1 – updates by SiGi for (December 2016) :

– reduced mesh faces / points from .gmt files for better fps / ingame performance
– merged chassis and cockpit parts and created new Genstring structure
– cutted some unneeded parts from internal cockpit / chassis
– reworked / improved some material settings / assignments in .gmt files
– created new head and rearlights incl. texture
– created cockpit windows
– reworked .CAS file and adjusted damage file
– reworked / improved many values in .car files
– fixed black parts shining through hood (visible from cockpit, kit-3)
– separated wheel parts to own .gtr file
– added exhaust smoke
– added new physics *
– added new engine sounds
– corrected expo floor height
– coloured tire wall textures darker
– coloured dials background
– and some more i can’t remember…

* driving physics (gearbox, suspensions, hdc) is from the default Nissan 350Z with small adjustments, the engine is throttled to 350hp, maximum RPM is 7000 so that it match to the tacho dial. real tech specs from this car can be found here

good entertainment

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and copy-paste the GameData folder to
your GTR2 main directory – allow to overwrite all existing folders / files with “YES ALL” – done.

No original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk
– this mod may only be hosted on and

Ask for permission if you want to use our cars or parts of it for other projects !

TrackaHolics Forum :


Size: 52 MB
Version: 1.1
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