Grand Prix 1979 Mod v2.5

Grand Prix 1979 Mod for GTR2

A rFactor to GTR2 Conversion by Goresh

Install instructions :

Delete any previous versions first !

Extract RAR to a TEMP location and move the files manually to your GTR2 install.

I’ve included a new file, be warned this is recommended as it was made specific for these cars but if you prefer the incar pov its not needed.

For those that do use this file be sure to back up the default cam file as this new file won’t be compatiable with other mods. I really hate supplying files that overwrite default files but I’m afraid in this case it was unavoidable. Reason being some prefer the nosecam and the default camera file would not work.

Sorry it took so long folks, hope you enjoy.

update v2.5 :

This update includes several fixes:

– Renamed each cars files to correct the saved race bug, my fingers are crossed this will fix the online issues too.
– Renamed engine files so they are now constructor and chassis specific, once again, hoping to eliminate the online mismatches found with the V2.0 version of the mod.

Included in the track folders you’ll find icons for all GPC 1979 tracks. Betty Swollox was kind enough to create and share these. Big thanks for this. This pack includes all fixes for GBDs (correct cars entry), Championship Files (According to the latest Motorfx versions) and Track folder’s names for Skins/Icons. Thnx Danny.

I’ve also compiled a list of files that need to be deleted prior to installing the V2.5 mod. Hopefully this will be used and help to ease the update from v2.0 to v2.5.


Ray aka Goresh

Credits :

* Aris, thnx for the help on the engines and rain tyres, so nice to see all cars qualifying and stable in the rain 😉
* Piquet, Talent files, gdbs, adjusted materials on the wheels and new spec maps to cut back on the cars shine slightly, thanx bud
* Jandri, beta tester
* Jagdpanzer, beta tester
* Grand Prix Classics for allowing this conversion, thnx again guys.

Without further ado, Gentlemen, start your engines !


Size: 220 MB
Version: 2.5
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2 Thoughts to “Grand Prix 1979 Mod v2.5”

  1. bmw328is

    I recently had a complete crash of the game and am in the process of rebuilding it. I know there was a tire update for this mod, adding a medium tire, but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone has it I would be very grateful. Thanks.

  2. monchobullet

    Thank You for share your work… first of all

    Mod is nicely done, textures and models are really fantastic… the only complaint I have:

    Cars they have almost no vibrance, overall at high speed and/or at long straights (e.g.: the long straight of Buenos Aires circuit… cars, if you choose “driver eyes sight”, are just unmovile… no vibrance, no camera motion)… When the car decrease his speed for take a curve, yes, you can experiment vibrance on the cockpit.

    I dont know if this depend of the circuit or from the cars (physic, or something)… but would be nice to have some update fixing this.

    Thank You again for share,

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