Groeninghe Park v1.1

Groeninghe Park for GTR2

Track created for GTR2 by fiedel

Track-Infos :

TrackName = Groeninghepark GT
Location = Antwerpen, Belgium
Length = 5,18 km
TrackType = Permanent Road Course

This is just a fantasy track that I created.

It is not perfect (timetrial error, sometimes cars hit the pitwall exiting the pitbox,…) but fun to drive and you can race on it. If somebody can give me tips to correct some of the problems I will try to fix it, otherwise the track stays as it is.

Have fun with it!

updates v1.1 by FrankyBB :

– Safety Car
– Start Light
– Grid 42 Cars

LOD by die_Locke & FrankyBB


Size: 51 MB
Version: 1.1
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