GTL-GTR2 Mod v1.0

GTL-GTR2 Mod for GTR2

now inclusive Service Pack A (read below)

GTR2 Conversion by scca1981


Conversion – scca1981
Single Makes GDB – Sunlap2
Advise and bug assistance – GTR2 community
Everything else – Simbin

Mod Description :

This will be the final full release.

This is a 90% direct conversion.
No meshes or textures were edited from GTL.

Physics and sounds are also a direct conversion with the exception of the side exhaust corvettes.

Known Bugs :

– The Porsche 911 interior banners are causing issues and are not available.
– 1 car (forget which one) has no mirrors.
– A couple cars do not have full cpit lights.
– Still no working animated pop-up headlights.
– No int driver for TC Jaguar

Install Instructions :

It is advised to erase any previous versions.

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your
GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

Also note that any add-ons will need to be updated.

Service Pack A Infos :

VERSION : SPA (Service Pack A)

The GTL-GTR2 Mod is a 95% direct conversion of GTL to GTR2.

* New Class Added – “GTLP”

GTLP is for future Vintage Prototype add-ons like the 917k.

Shelby Daytona :
* Rear brake lights
* Fueling Fixed

Renault Alpine :
* Cockpit Mirrors
* Body height raised .015

Porsche 911 :
* 3.0L Engine fueling fixed
* Reverse Lights
* Cockpit Banner fixed

Note on banner that the file “PORSCHE_911RSR_BANNER.DDS” for each skin will have to be loose in the skin folder to function properly and not in the TEX.GTR file.

Ford GT40 :
* Fueling Fixed

Pantera :
* Reverse Lights
* Dirtscreen adjusted

Ford Capri :
* Reverse Lights

Porsche 906 :
* Cpit Lights

Porsche 914 :
* Generic Headlights Added
* Reverse Lights

Corvette :
* Side exhaust sounds fixed
* 65′ Standard lights Fixed
* No fix for flip up lights

* Nr.879 Driver Position

* Reverse Lights

Mercedes 300SL :
* Reverse Lights

Cortina and Alfa :
* Disc Interia and Range adjusted (per crocko/mentalgear)

Lotus Elan :
* Standard headlights fixed
* Flip up generic added

Jaguar E-Type :
* Reverse Lights

Any previous fixes released included. This is the current up-to-date version of the mod (do allow time for online servers to update)


– No flip up headlights (not gonna happen)
– No designated rain tires.


Conversion/Maintence/Updates – scca1981
Single Makes GDB + Various Updates – Sunlap2
Advise and bug assistance – GTR2 community
Everything else – Simbin


Open permissions for the most part. I do however ask that any sound or physic modification be cleared with me first. These items technically do not need modification as they are a direct conversion. We need to keep one main version for online use to prevent mis-matching.

If you enjoy this conversion I advise you purchase the full GTL game.
It can be found for very cheap as it is over 10 years old now.

Do not convert to other PLATTFORMS then SimBin’s !

GT Legends , © 2005 SIMBIM STUDIOS AB.
GT Legends is a Trademark of SIMBIM STUDIOS AB.



update by SiGi for (December 2019) :

– added Service Pack A to main mod
– removed some GTL effect sounds as they already exist in GTR2 (identical)
– repacked mod with higher compression (now about 50 MB smaller)

good entertainment



Size: 465 MB
Version: 1.0 final
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