Helmet Inside View Pack v1.0

Helmet Inside View Pack for GTR2

Helmet inside view pack created by drw, rip & paldrive

This package includes :

– Helmet inside view v1.3 by drw
– alternative visor for DRWs Helmet Mod v1.3 by rip
– alternative visor for DRWs helmet mod v1.0 by paldrive
– open face motechud dds-file for DRWs helmet mod v2.1 by drw

This is an edited HUD to give more realistic view from the inside of the driver’s helmet.


1) make a backup of UIAssets.gtr file located in …:\GTR2\UIData folder
2) extract the new UIAssets.gtr file in …:\GTR2\UIData
3) put the file MOTECHUD.DDS in …:\GTR2\GameData\Teams folder.
4) enable HUD in Cockpit

that’s all.

Try it and have fun.

Note :

This HUD doesn’t show numbers, revs or any fonts (I made them transparent).
If you want have this features you must open the original UIAssets.gtr you
backupped with geditor and extract the files FNTHMOTL.TGA and FNTHMOTS.TGA.
Then close geditor. Open now the UIAssets.gtr present in ..\GTR2\UIData folder
and import these two files. Save gtr file.



Size: 6 MB
Version: 1.0
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