Honda NSX Templates v0.1

Honda NSX Templates

created by zmlee

Content :

– Templates for Honda NSX-R and NSX-S
– 2 different Windows Styles for GT and GT500
– Bonus….. Honda_NSX?_Body2_Mask (new)

How to :

1. Save Honda_NSXS_Body1, Honda_NSXS_Body2, Honda_NSXR_Body1 and Honda_NSXR_Body2 with DXT1.

2. Please copy Alpha Channel of HONDA_NSXR_WINDOWS and HONDA_NSXS_WINDOWS and save it with DXT5.

3. HONDA_NSXR_BODY2_MASK.DDS and HONDA_NSXS_BODY2_MASK.DDS adds rear wing reflections.
Paste files to : GTR2\GameData\Teams\24H\Honda NSX

happy painting 😉



Size: 1,9 MB
Version: 0.1
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