Jarama 2009 v2.0

Jarama 2009 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by Zwiss


Original 3D model made by AMRHarry.
Original rFactor track made by Chacal.
Everything except the basic track mesh redone by ZWISS.
Many new objects, textures and mapping by ZWISS.
Some objects and textures made by Simbin.

Real Track Infos :

The Circuito del Jarama is a 3.404 km (2.115 mi) race course in Madrid, Spain which has hosted nine Formula One Spanish Grand Prix.

Designed by John Hugenholtz (who also created Nivelles and Suzuka), the circuit was built by Alessandro Rocci in 1967 north of Madrid in arid scrub land. It had a short straight and most of the course consisted of tight, twisty corners so overtaking was extremely difficult. An example of this came when Gilles Villeneuve, worthy driver though he was, successfully defended his lead for the entirety of the 1981 Spanish Grand Prix despite a tail of four cars significantly faster than his.

Jarama hosted its last Formula One race in 1981 directed by Alessandro Rocci when it was deemed too narrow for modern racing. It still holds occasional sports car and motorcycle races. The circuit was lengthened in 1991.

The Virtual Track :

This track was made by AMRHArry, and finished for rFactor by Chacal.
The first conversion to GTR2 was done by motorgash9000.
It was a very raw conversion, with lots of room for improvement, so I asked his permission to work on the track.
I did however start from the original rFactor track by Chacal.
It has been on my HDD for ages, and now I release it.

I believe its the most accurate model of the modern Jarama track + terrain.

Still to come :

I will work on the grandstands, pitbuildings and other track side object to further enhance the track.


Size: 19 MB
Version: 2.0
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