Le Mas du Clos 2006 v1.11

Le Mas du Clos 2006 for GTR2

initial-release : 04/2008

Credits :

Original Track created by Piaoo, TheSky, PhilCout for rFactor
GTR2, GTL, Race07 Conversion by TheSky

Track Infos from racingcircuits.info :

The circuit, though no longer in active use, is still located in the village of Les Puids, near to the town of Aubusson in the Creuse department of Limousin, France. Today, it is essentially a private road, used for occassional run-outs for the remaining vehicles in the Bardinon collection.

The small circuit at Mas du Clos has never held nationally-sanctioned motor racing events, instead focusing on providing excellent test and track day facilities in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Recent years have sadly seen activities curtailed as wrangles continue as to whether the private venue needs to accord with international safety standards – the owners now seem set to consolidate their activities on a gravel rally track.

more infos – source

Virtual Track Infos :

This tracks was created with BOB’s track builder from informations of geoportail, for the layout and the differences in altitude. the cambers, the buildings and others were created from videos and photos searched on the web. Indeed, we weren’t going on the real track, and differences are possible with the reality – but we have tried to stay nearest to the informations getted. This track is avilable for rFactor, GTR2, GTlegends and Race07.

one bug was found sometimes on the beta version ,essentially on Rfactor :

if you make ECHAP in the stands or in the pits , there was a return to windows.
This bug does’nt perturb the races.

Since the new version of AIW, this problem Less often .We think that it comes of the Management of the stands, which the configuration is rather rare on the others tracks (ex : Le Mans , Avhenisto …) – If somebody finds a solution at this bug in the AIW, her help will be welcome , thank you.

We are only amateurs and make that for our pleasure and yours at the same opportunity.

thanks to the beta-testers of the rookie-club and Racing-fr

Change-log :

Version 1.11 by Team PBB – 07.04.2014 :

1) Starlight fixed
2) RaceGrove adjusted
3) Session time (Quali 1 / Quali 2) changed

Le Mas du clos 2006 UPDATE V1.1 – 23/04/2008 :

1) create curve after the starting line correction bug (flying cars)
2) Allowing trucks Frank “# 55” to get out of the garages (paintings by aunts) without collisions.
3) Upper circuit, tires green side of the runway in a collision.
4) Integration of CAM file “PatrickRamirez” forum “NogripRacing”
5) The bug “exit Windows,” amending the AIW.
6) Optimization gain FPS

Credits :

bob’s track builder
ISI for rFactor
Simbin for GTR2, GTlegends and Race07
Good games, Piaoo, TheSky, PhilCout

E-Mail contact :

excuse me for my rough english…



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Version: 1.11
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